Black Clover’s Toonami Finale scheduled for October 9, Batman DC Movies on October 16

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Toonami is ending Black Clover’s run with a bang with a doubleheader of the final two episodes (so far) on October 9, and will commemorate DC FanDome night with airings of Batman Ninja and Batman: Under The Red Hood on October 16.

With the season finales of Black Clover, Fena: Pirate Princess, and My Hero Academia fast approaching and the premieres of Blade Runner: Black Lotus and other potential acquisitions on the horizon, Toonami will be seeing some significant upheavals this coming Fall season. This afternoon, Toonami revealed the first of these announcements, primarily relating to the completion of Black Clover, as well as a special treat for fans of DC Comics.

On October 9, Toonami will air the final two episodes of Black Clover’s fourth season (169 and 170) back-to-back from 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. Eastern/Pacific, completing a nearly four-year run that began on December 2, 2017. To make way, Naruto Shippuden will take the night off.

As of this writing, there are only three episodes left for Toonami to air, with Episode 168 to air this Saturday, October 2nd. These final three episodes won’t be the complete end of the Black Clover franchise, as the anime has been put on hiatus primarily to allow series creator Yūki Tabata more breathing room to continue writing the manga storyline. When Black Clover’s run came to an end in Japan on March 30, 2021, it included an announcement that an anime feature film is also in the works.

Meanwhile on October 16, DC Comics will be organizing the third “DC FanDome” virtual event, and following the regularly scheduled premiere episode of Fena: Pirate Princess at midnight, Toonami will take part in the festivities by airing a doubleheader of Batman animated films.

From 12:30 to 2:30 a.m, Toonami will air Batman Ninja, the 2018 anime film directed by Junpei Mizusaki and animated by Kamikaze Douga and YamatoWorks.

Then from 2:30 to 4:15 a.m, Toonami will air Batman: Under The Red Hood, the 2010 animated film in the “DC Universe Animated Original Movies” series directed by Brandon Vietti and written by Judd Winick.

To cap things off for the night at 4:15 a.m, Toonami will air a new Rick and Morty horror short, titled The Great Yokai Battle of Akihabara.

DC FanDome was created in part due to the cancellation of comic conventions during the past 18 months thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and Toonami has aired several DC animated films to commemorate the event as well as other major releases from DC Comics. In August 2020, Batman: Year One, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and Batman: Gotham Knight aired as part of the first DC FanDome virtual convention. Several months later on December 19, Toonami aired the films Wonder Woman: Bloodlines and Justice League: The New Frontier to commemorate the release of the film Wonder Woman 1984. Most recently on August 8, Toonami aired a marathon of the first season of the DC Universe series Harley Quinn, although episode 13 did not air thanks to technical difficulties.

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