Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

Toonami Schedule ShiftIt was just announced on the Official Toonami Facebook that Toonami will be moving up to 11:30pm and ending at 3:00am.

“Starting next Saturday night, Toonami will be taking off a half hour earlier! Your weekly dose of anime will now air from 11:30p – 3a. This means you’ll get the premiere of Iron-Blooded Orphans just a little bit sooner. Catch it next Saturday night at midnight, and make sure to stream Pre-Flight tonight for a sneak peek at the new Gundam trailer.”

As of June 4th the schedule will now be as follows:

11:30 PM – DBZ Kai

12:00 AM – Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

12:30 AM – Hunter X Hunter

1:00 AM – Samurai Champloo

1:30 AM – Naruto Shippuden

2:00 AM – One Piece

2:30 AM – Parasyte

(UPDATED: 06/01/16 @9pm C/T)

No extra time slot has been added this only a schedule shift, the schedule has been confirmed Toonami released the new line-up promo on there official Facebook earlier today (06/01/16).

“If you’re like us and you count down the days until Saturday, then get ready to adjust your start time. Toonami is now shifting up to 11:30pm – 3am, every Saturday night.”