Important Site Announcement/YouTube Update

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

ToonamiSquadAs stated last week we now have a new site the boards site will remain up and operational however any news pertaining to Toonami will now be found on, Toonami Squad Sessions Podcasts will now be found on as well as on our YouTube channel Squad Sessions Podcast. The news feed on the Toonami Squad Boards will still be updated with any news we report however when clicked on it will redirect you to the article on, also feel free to still start your own discussions as well as chat in the shoutbox on the Toonami Squad Boards and also be sure to comment on any of our articles on

As previously stated our YouTube Channel was hit by YouTube’s copyright system because of a tribute amv we did for Dragon Ball’s 30th Anniversary and unfortunately we have a strike limiting our channel until Oct 3rd, 2016 so because of that we had to make a sub-channel Squad Sessions Podcast so we can continue uploading podcasts/interviews, we will still be uploading Toonami Promos, Bumps, and Game Reviews to our main channel Toonami Squad.

Please subscribe to our main YouTube Channel Toonami Squad for all the latest Toonami Promos, Bumps, and Game Reviews.

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