My Hero Academia Season 6 escapes “Crunchyroll Jail”, premieres on Toonami this December 3

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Season 6 of My Hero Academia will begin airing on Toonami this Saturday, December 3rd at Midnight.

With the highly anticipated sixth season of My Hero Academia well underway in Japan and simulcasting on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow, Toonami fans have wondered when they would be joining in on the action. On Monday, Toonami announced that the block’s viewers will finally get their turn to see season 6 beginning this Saturday, December 3 at Midnight EST/PST.


Toonami has set up the lineup in anticipation for My Hero Academia’s return when they aired reruns of Season 5 at midnight since the block began airing Made In Abyss season 2 run on November 5. In addition, this past week on Thanksgiving weekend, Toonami had a marathon the last 6 episodes of Season 5.

Toonami has aired all of the previous five seasons of My Hero Academia since Deku and the students of Class 1-A joined the block in May 5, 2018. Unfortunately, Sony’s monopolistic choke-hold on the anime industry since purchasing Crunchyroll last year has caused a huge blow to Toonami’s long standing partnerships with Aniplex, Crunchyroll, and Funimation, so there were concerns whether Toonami would be able to continue airing My Hero Academia at all. It is likely that Toonami does have contractual obligations with both Sony and the My Hero Academia production committee for future seasons of the franchise, given the precedent that new episodes have aired on Toonami roughly a month after the dub premieres on FunimationNow/Crunchyroll, well before both companies merged in 2021.

How far those contractual obligations go is unknown. And whether Sony has decided to lighten up in regards to Toonami relations is presently just speculation, although Jason DeMarco has commented on Twitter thatWe are hoping this is a sign of more returning shows to come.” which could give hope for fans of the likes of Attack on TitanBlack CloverDr. StoneFire ForceMy Hero AcademiaSword Art Online, and potentially many other shows seeing their return to Toonami in the future.

SPIRAL CURSE DEMARCO on Twitter: “Happy to announce this! We are hoping this is a sign of more returning shows to come. / Twitter”

Happy to announce this! We are hoping this is a sign of more returning shows to come.

Of course, as Jason himself says time and again, “Never say never.” Fan demand helped lead to My Hero Academia joining Toonami back in 2018, and it’s probably not a bad idea for fans to let their voices heard to get Sony to change course in regards to seeing more shows airing on the better cartoon show. Among other things, I recommend letting @AniplexUSA@Crunchyroll, and @Funimation know that you want to see their shows air on Toonami on their respective social media outlets and feedback departments. Let them know your show requests and concerns, but of course, politeness goes a long way.

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