New Details on Samurai Jack from Annecy 2016!

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mhBMMAvVToday a sneak peek of Samurai Jack was shown at Annecy 2016, here is what we found out. The new season looks to be darker, more adult, but still funny. It will consist of 10 episodes in the same format as the original show and it will delve into the toll that it has taken on the time traveling samurai. It has been 50 years since we last saw Jack, he has new gear, a samurai styled armor, a motorcycle and his katana is missing, which will be a plot point. It’s still unsure when the new Samurai Jack will be airing on Adult Swim, but Genndy Tartakovsky says it will be soon.

Here some sneak peaks and behind the scenes looks at Samurai Jack:

Sneak peak of an animatic for the new season, narrated by Genndy Tartakovsky:

We will let you know if any new info comes out. What do you think so far about the new season of Samurai Jack? Are you hyped? Excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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