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VIZ started the panel off by reminding the audience about their ‘JUMP START’ initiative. For those who are not familiar, JUMP START is a new section in VIZ’s Shonen Jump Magazine that publishes the first three chapters of a manga simultaneously with its Japanese release!

Jump Start Series:


The Promised Neverland

by Kaiu Shirai (Ashley Gate no Yukue) and Posuka Demizu (Mao Da Ze! Oren Battle, Oreca Monsters Boken Retsuden)

Love Rush!

by Ryohei Yamamoto (E-ROBOT)

Red Sprite

by Tomohiro Yagi (Iron Knight)

And coming next week a new series,


Amalgam of Distortion

by Ryo Ishiyama  (Mitsukubi Condor)



Probably the biggest announcement of the panel has to be that RWBY its making it’s US manga debut in Shonen Jump! The RWBY manga debuted in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump Magazine last November in Japan. No release date was given to when Shirow Miwa’s RWBY will be joining the Shonen Jump line-up.


Once again the push for free-to-play mobile games based off your favorite properties rears it’s head during another panel. This time it’s One Piece Treasure Cruise. Right now they are promoting the “Ultimate Crossover” One Piece x Dragon Ball Z!

VIZ also wanted to remind the audience about the FREE Manga chapters arriving daily on their site.

Dragon Ball Super, Astronaut Lost in Space, Tokyo Ghoul: Jack, Chibi Sasuke, BORUTO and now;

Assassination Classroom


Hunter x Hunter!

Updated every day so go to for more details.


When talking about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure coming to TOONAMI Urian Brown made note at how “We almost got the whole block!” Nice to see VIZ’s enthusiasm towards TOONAMI.

Maybe TOONAMI is truly becoming the Shonen Jump block I’ve always wanted?

(JoJo’s, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, One-Punch Man)

Assassination Classroom Spotlight: Yusei Matsui


Now I believe I told you guys in my other other VIZ panel write-up that it wasn’t going to be the last time you heard from Assassination Classroom creator, Yusei Matsui, and well here he is! The last segment of the Shonen Jump panel was dedicated completely to him!

Once again this is going to be just some of the points I found interesting. No release structure will be in this section.

When Mr. Matsui was asked about the research he did for his characters he said, “I didn’t want the assassin’s in my manga to be the ’stereotypical’ assassins because that would have been boring. A assassin shouldn’t stand out in real life which makes for quite a boring character.” So Matsui wanted to do the complete opposite.


Matsui’s personal favorite assassin: Golgo 13!

Mr. Matsui commented how mangaka’s and assassin’s are actually quite similar; “If my manga is a bit hit I make more money, if not….I die.”

The moral or overall theme to Assassination Classroom is, assassinate your weakness to over come it! Shoot the challenges of your lives down!


After getting to know Yusei Matsui a bit VIZ opened the floor to the audience for a Live Q & A.

I’m not going to go over ever question just some of the more interesting answers.

Mr. Matsui said that he always had a general idea for Koro-sensei’s backstory just the details weren’t fully fleshed out. This goes back to what Mr. Matsui said in the other panel about having a clear vision for where he wanted Assassination Classroom to go.

Some interesting insight into the inner workings of creating manga is that the third chapter is usually when the audience decides if they are going to continue on or drop the story. So Mr. Matsui takes this chance to injects a new character into the story to bring the readers interest back.

Just like many other mangaka before him, Mr. Matsui is NOT very confident in his abilities.

Some of you might not know but Mr. Matsui worked as an assistant to Yoshio Sawai, the creator of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo! So a fan asked him, “What is your favorite Bobobo character?”


Mr. Matsui simply answered, Tokoro Tennosuke.

While some of the Jump editors were answering localization questions Mr. Matsui was inking a special shikishi of Koro-sensei he made especially for his NYCC trip, later to be given away to one lucky fan. I was saddened by the fact that we did not get to see his process for drawing but since it is Inktober I wasn’t too upset. It was a bit weird to me that this piece wasn’t given out during the Panel the other day that was focused on Mr. Matsui and his work but rather during this Shonen Jump Panel.


While Mr. Matsui was inking I noticed a fun fact! Mr. Matsui is left handed!

Just like the other panel Mr. Matsui appeared in the audience was given the same Japan Society Survey to hand in after the panels conclusion.

This a a picture of the lucky fan who was given the Yusei Matsui original art!



Now if you were expecting One-Punch Man Season 2 news from this panel you better look elsewhere. The folks over at VIZ made sure to address that little elephant first. There is no new news on the upcoming Season 2 of One-Punch Man.

This panel was more so a celebration of everything OPM. Sorry I can’t stop thinking every time I see/use that abbreviation for One-Punch Man Official Playstation Magazine. I hope I’m not the only one who remembers that magazine. Moving back on topic, VIZ went over the history of OPM from a 2009 webcomic by ONE (Mob Psycho 100, Sun Man) to a hit manga illustrated by Yusuke Murata of Eyeshield 21 fame, to mega hit anime by MadHouse! (Black Lagoon, Casshern Sins, Death Note, Hellsing Ultimate, Hunter x Hunter, Parasyte)

Nothing much to really report at this panel. It was a blast to get the chance to listen to Zach Aguilar (Genos), Eric Scott Kimerer (Speed O’Sound Sonic) and Chris Jai Alex (Lord Boros) recount their memories of making the show.


(Left to right: Eric Scott Kimerer, Chris Jai Alex, Zach Aguilar)

I apologize for not knowing who the young lady in the middle was and for snapping her picture without asking. : _(

Also, be sure to check out Chris Jai Alex’s youtube channel for a pretty funny NYCC video blog.




I believe this is the second year Sunrise & Bandai Namco Pictures (BN Pictures) has hosted a panel at NYCC and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, I never do. But the S & BN Pictures panels have always been fun to attend.


The hosts of the panel were, Yoshitaka Kawaguchi, a Producer from Sunrise, you may be familiar with his work on the CODE GEASS and Gundam series.


The other host was, Masayuki Ozaki, a COO and Producer over at BN Pictures. Mr. Ozaki has worked on series such as; TIGER &BUNNY, Inuyasha The Final Act, and much to my chagrin but my little sisters delight, Gintama The Movie.

During this panel Sunrise was described as having a lot of animation the ‘core’ anime fan would enjoy, while BN Pictures, a company founded in 2014, is more focused on young kids. So a lot of anime BN Pictures goes after and produces will have ‘merchandise tie-ins.’ As a matter of fact, Mr. Ozaki stated that “when we plan the anime we plan the merchandise projects as well.”

Sunrise is the “traditional robot anime company” while BN Pictures ‘try to test out new things not like the originals of the past.”

Now that we are past familiarizing the audience with the companies it’s time to get to the meat of the panel…

New Productions!

Okay so maybe not so new but hey they are still announcements/updates on some of S & BN Pictures’ properties.

Here they showed off;


LoveLive! School idol project: Sunshine!!


Magic-Hyun! Renaissance


HEYBOT! A original title Mr. Ozaki is a Chief Producer on. “I didn’t think there would be that many people who wanted to watch it! But I do want people to test it out. It’s a gag anime. SO if you are into butts or farts…maybe you should tune in.”


Dream Festival


ClassicaLoid an intriguing title they showed off last year gets the spotlight again.

Now the news I think most people in the panel room were waiting for, an update for the

TIGER & BUNNY Live -Action Film!


A Scriptwriter has been chosen! Announced back in August, a young a relatively unknown writer, Ellen Shanman (The Brokenhearted, Everything Nice), has taken the reigns and is currently working on the script.

Ozaki commented, “She is young but we have faith in her.”

A rundown was given that after Shanman finishes the script then a director is chosen and so on and so forth.

Now this has not been confirmed with Imagine or Ron Howard but Ozaki’s ‘personal scheduling plan’ as he called it would be to have a “WORLDWIDE release in the first half of 2019!”

“If everything goes really smoothly maybe we can have a release end of 2018.”

I wouldn’t go and place any bets on that one folks. But I love the interest Japan is taking in trying to include their global market more. We have seen this countless times before in other panels this year. Quite refreshing!

There are more ‘long-term’ plans for TIGER & BUNNY but for now they are just focusing on the Live-Action Film.

Moving away from the massive hype train that is always live-action anime adaptations we go into

Upcoming Home Video Releases.

A massive emphasis was put on CODE GEASS and it’s 10th Anniversary. There is going to be an event in Japan on November 27th in celebration.

CODE GEASS is available NOW for the 1st time ever on BD from FUNimation.


CODE GEASS: Akito the Exiled will be coming to BD/DVD and streaming via FUNimation in early 2017. Akito the Exiled takes placed between Season 1 and 2 of Lelouch of the Rebellion and shows the European side of the conflict.


The Vision of Escaflowne and Escaflowne (movie) coming October 18 via FUNimation.

To close up the panel we enter…

WORLD of Gundam!


The panelists opened up this section of the panel by saying, “I hope you have money ready or credit cards. Make sure you work and earn those monies!”

Very accurate depiction if you are a Gundam fan right now.

Too many Gundam releases to go over. (sorry for the poor picture quality)


Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin IV: Eve of Destiny premiering November 19th, 2016 and Streaming Globally! Apparently they just finished the dub a few weeks ago.


Mobile Suit Gundam THUNDERBOLT: December Sky available NOW from VIZ Media. Mr. Kawaguchi stated that “Sunrise had North America in mind when creating the anime.” Hence why the music selection is filled with jazz and pop.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 1 Spotlighted! Love seeing the little blurb “on TOONAMI.”


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 just started airing in Japan and if you don’t want to wait for TOONAMI to catch up you have a multitude of ways you can LEGALLY stream the sub. The dub is once again being handled by Bang Zoom! Studios (Gurren Lagann, Hunter x Hunter, One-Punch Man) and is just about to start recording.


Not enough to get your Gundam fix? Well then make sure to visit and LIKE their official Facebook page:



And finally, make sure you LIKE the official SUNRISE & BANDAI NAMCO Pictures International page on Facebook!



And that’s it for all my NYCC 2016 excursions. Here are some bonus pictures of the con. Until next year folks stay gold!