Original cast returns for MegaloBox 2: Nomad, to premiere on FunimationNow this Sunday instead of Toonami

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Two months after MegaloBox 2: Nomad began broadcasting in Japan and simulcasting on FunimationNow, Funimation has announced today that they are producing the English Dub for the highly anticipated return of Gearless Joe to the ring.

MegaloBox saw a change in distributors this season, with TMS Entertainment selling the U.S. license and distribution duties to Funimation for Nomad, rather than Viz Media who distributed Season 1. Likewise, Funimation would take over for Bang Zoom! Entertainment in regards to the dubbing of season 2. Despite this change, much of the cast from season 1 will return to reprise their roles, including Kaiji Tang as Joe, Jason Marnocha as Nambu/Pops, and Erica Mendez as Sachio. They’ll be joined by the likes of Clifford Chapin as the older version of Sachio, Josh Grelle as Santa, and Dallas Reid as Bonjiri. Kyle Phillips will serve as the ADR Director, taking over for Ezra Weisz.

The first two episodes will be up on FunimationNow this Sunday, June 6. Unfortunately, due in part to the distributor change, MegaloBox 2 will not be making its dub premiere on Toonami. At the moment, it is yet to be announced if Funimation and Toonami do still plan on bringing MegaloBox back to the lineup anytime soon.

The cast and crew list released by Funimation is as follows:

Joe Kaiji Tang
Nanbu Jason Marnocha
Chief Chris Guerrero
Sachio Erica Mendez, Clifford Chapin
Oicho Michelle Ruff
Aragaki Greg Chun
Santa Morgan Berry, Josh Grelle
Bonjiri Laila Berzins, Dallas Reid
Fukimaki Taylor Henry
Abuhachi Kirk Allen
Mara Jalitza Delgado
Mio Kevin Thelwell
ADR Director Kyle Phillips
ADR Scriptwriter Jarrod Greene
ADR Engineer Alyssa Dumas
ADR Mix Gino Palencia

Source: Funimation

Edit 6/4 @ 11:00 p.m. PDT: We previously reported that the dub would be released on Saturday. That is an error. Episodes 1-2 of MegaloBox 2 will actually be premiering on Sunday, June 6.

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