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We were contacted by Michael Silverman, president of Silverware Games, Inc., regarding a new game they’ve created. Michael and Silverware Games are big fans of Fooly Cooly, and with FLCL coming back with Progressive and Alternative, they decided to put together a fan game based on the first season of FLCL, episode two called Firestarter.


No one knows how Endsville, the city of Devils, was born. But as soon as it was created it prospered, slowly eating up the world. The player serves Cantido, god of black flame, and must hinder Endsville’s growth by setting it afire.

Hide from the police and torch the city to purge it of devils. But you mustn’t burn everything. If the entire city burns down, you will have no place to stay. You will not be able to live. There can be no final victory. The only thing you can do is burn and burn.

Your only hope is Cantido’s blessing, god of black flame.


Inspired by the first season of Fooly Cooly, an original video animation six-episode anime series aired by Adult Swim in the United States back in 2003. Fooly Cooly: Firestarter lets you explore Mamimi Samejima’s pyromania obsession with a handheld video game that the show explores in episode two of FLCL.

Mamimi’s description of the game is that you must burn down Endsville, the city of devils, and that there can be no final victory: all you can do is burn and burn. All in the hopes of pleasing the god of black flame Canti-sama.

Recently, FLCL has gotten a reboot in the form of FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative and in light of this Silverware Games provides an homage experience by bringing to life Firestarter as a web browser game.

You can play it free here:


  • Retro pixel art inspired by the original anime.
  • Dynamic original soundtrack in the style of The Pillows.
  • Endless casual clicking gameplay, burn and burn.
  • High scores will earn you Cantido’s blessing bringing you luck forever.



Firestarter Credits

Michael Silverman
Game Design, Coding

Say Mistage
Art, Publishing, Design

Marco Iannello

About Silverware Games, Inc.

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