RE: Toonami Daylight Savings Time

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

For those who were wondering if Toonami was going to do anything special with the extra hour for Daylight Savings this year, we now know what will be happening this weekend.

We have confirmed with Chris Hartley, VP of On-Air Production of Adult Swim and Toonami, via email that Toonami will not be doing anything special for the extra hour this year. Instead Adult Swim will be airing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie during the extra hour. Toonami will run as normal and none of it’s shows will be preempted, this will mark the first time that Toonami hasn’t done anything special for the extra hour since being back on the air.

Also don’t forget Countdown premieres this Saturday night at 11pm E/T.