Rooster Teeth makes big announcements on night one of RTX at Home

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Rooster Teeth Announces Two New Shows, New Living Room Apps, and Hosts Surprise World Premiere Screening of Red vs. Blue: Zero at Virtual RTX at Home Event

Austin, Texas – September 15, 2020 – Today to kick off the virtual RTX at Home, WarnerMedia’s pioneering media and entertainment company Rooster Teeth hosted “FIRST Night”, a preview night full of exclusive reveals and announcements including: exclusive footage from Red vs Blue: Zero, two new show announcements: Grudge Night and Dead Little Roosters, and announced Rooster Teeth is launching into fans’ living rooms this fall on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and updated Xbox One and Apple TV apps. 


FIRST Night was hosted by Rooster Teeth Community Managers Jackie Izawa and Chelsea Atkinson. Achievement Hunter cast members Alfredo Diaz and Jeremy Dooley appeared to announce Grudge Night, a video game competition series premiering exclusively for Rooster Teeth FIRST members on October 7. Longtime Rooster Teeth writer and director Josh Flanagan appeared with Achievement Hunter cast member Fiona Nova to give an exclusive first look at Dead Little Roosters, a spiritual successor to Rooster Teeth’s murder mystery series 11 Little Roosters. Showrunner Torrian Crawford was joined by producer Noel Wiggins to cap the evening off with a surprise world premiere screening of the first episode of Red vs. Blue: Zero and announced the premiere date – October 19! 


Fans can also look forward to experiencing all of Rooster Teeth’s gaming, animation and personality-driven content from new living-room enabled apps this fall. These Roku, Amazon FireTV, and updated Xbox One and AppleTV apps will include new features including RTTV, the 24/7 linear feed of curated Rooster Teeth live streams and re-broadcasts that’s currently only available at, and a “My Library” feature that lets users save a “watch later” list and playlists. Watch a trailer for the apps here! Further announcements regarding the apps including launch dates will be revealed at a later date. 


Here is a detailed roundup of announcements from RTX at Home FIRST Night: 


  • Rooster Teeth’s newest show Grudge Night premieres October 7 exclusively for Rooster Teeth FIRST members. Good-natured competition has always thrived amongst the teams at Rooster Teeth, but in the background certain grudges have always simmered. In Grudge Night, these long standing grudges are settled over video game matches, tournament style. 


  • Dead Little Roosters is coming soon to Rooster Teeth. A spiritual successor to 11 Little Roosters, Dead Little Roosters features a new cast of characters and is led by showrunner Josh Flanagan (11 Little Roosters, Day 5). A night of merriment turns macabre when a group of Rooster Teeth talent find themselves trapped in a mansion with a murderer in this hilariously interactive whodunnit.


  • Red vs. Blue: Zero premieres October 19. Red vs. Blue: Zero is written and directed by first-time showrunner Torrian Crawford (Death Battle). In Red vs. Blue Zero, a mysterious syndicate leader known only as Zero seeks an Ultimate Power, and a ragtag team of heroes and misfits called the SHATTER SQUAD must work together to save the galaxy. 


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