Toei announces Dragon Ball Daima at NYCC, premieres Fall 2024

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After a six-year hiatus, the Dragon Ball anime series has returned with a brand-new original series, titled Dragon Ball Daima, scheduled for release in Fall 2024.

Ever since Dragon Ball Super ended following the Tournament of Power saga in 2017, fans have been anxiously awaiting when the Dragon Ball anime would make its return. The manga has continued its run with four more sagas, two of which were adapted into feature films. Those being Dragon Ball Super: Broly in 2018 and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in 2022.

While there have been many rumors over the past few years that the Dragon Ball anime would indeed continue, Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama has been tight lipped about the matter…that is until now.

On Thursday afternoon at New York Comic Con 2023, Toei had announced that there will indeed be a brand-new Dragon Ball anime series, titled Dragon Ball Daima.

The fourth anime series in the Dragon Ball franchise, Daima is scheduled to launch in Japan this Fall 2024, which will coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the release of the original manga. According to Akira Toriyama, Daima is a made-up term, though its Japanese characters are stylized as “大魔”, which has roughly been translated to English as “Evil.”

Following the announcement, Toei Animation released a statement from Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, on what to look forward to with Dragon Ball Daima.

Hello. I'm Akira Toriyama.  I'm currently working on a new Dragon Ball. The title is "Dragon Ball Daima".  "DAIMA" is a made-up term, which in Japanese characters would be "大魔" or in English would be something like "Evil."  Due to a conspiracy, Goku and his friends are turned small. In order to fix things, they'll head off to a new world! It's a grand adventure with intense action in an unknown and mysterious world.  Since Goku has to make up for his petite size, he uses his Nyoibo (Power Pole) to fight, something not seen in a long time.  I came up with the story and settings, a well as a lot of the designs. I'm actually putting a lot more into this than usual!  Things will unfold that close in on the mysteries of the Dragon Ball world. Hope you all enjoy these different-from-usual battles that are cute and powerful!!

As Toriyama himself notes, Dragon Ball Daima will feature an original story that Toriyama himself has penned. The premise is that Goku and the crew somehow are transformed into younger versions of themselves, and they need to travel to “an unknown and mysterious world” to figure out how to fix things. This is a similar plot line that turns up in the end of Dragon Ball GT, where Goku does revert back into his younger self.


Toei also released a statement from Masako Nozawa, the Japanese voice of Goku, on her enthusiasm for Dragon Ball Daima.

“Wasn’t the video for the new series “Dragon Ball DAIMA” amazing? Goku was so adorable and wonderful! I wonder about the conspiracy behind Goku’s new appearance. I’m very curious, but I’m told the details are still a secret! I’ll be waiting for the new anime along with all of you! I hope you look forward to it too!”

Christopher Sabat, the English voice of Vegeta, Piccolo, and Yamcha, also posted his enthusiasm on Twitter.

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Dragon Ball Super was 131 episodes in length, divided up into five sagas. Running in Japan from July 5, 2015 to February 5, 2017, and later dubbed on Toonami in the USA from November 8, 2015 to March 25, 2018. Where Toriyama and Toei Animation plans on taking Dragon Ball Daima in the long term is still to be determined. As previously mentioned, there are four arcs in the Dragon Ball Super manga that has yet to be adapted into anime format (movies aside); the Broly Saga, the Moro Saga, the Granolah Saga, and the Super Hero Saga. It’s unclear where Daima’s storyline will plug in to the greater Dragon Ball Universe timeline at this moment. Not to mention, it is unknown if these story lines will be adapted into anime format for successive sagas.

If you wish to see Dragon Ball return to the block, continue watching the block every Saturday and send your show requests to Toonami’s Facebook page or by directly messaging Jason DeMarco on Twitter (@Clarknova1). We also recommend letting Crunchyroll and Toei Animation know through their respective social media outlets.

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