Toonami Announces FLCL Season 1 Marathon for Memorial Day Weekend

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

Updated the schedule below to reflect the correct lineup on May 26th.

Toonami announced via Facebook tonight that they will be marathoning Season 1 of FLCL for Memorial Day Weekend starting at 10:30pm then they will replay the marathon at 1:45am to kick off the premiere of FLCL Progressive on June 2nd.

Here is the full schedule for May 26th:

10:30pm  – FLCL — Ep 1 “Fooly Cooly / FLCL”

11:00pm – FLCL — Ep 2 “Fire Starter / FiSta”

11:30pm – FLCL — Ep 3 “Marquis de Carabas”

12:00am – FLCL — Ep 4 “Full Swing”

12:30am – FLCL — Ep 5 “Brittle Bullet”

1:00am – FLCL — Ep 6 “FLCLimax”

Encore Run:

1:45am  – FLCL — Ep 1 “Fooly Cooly / FLCL”

2:15am – FLCL — Ep 2 “Fire Starter / FiSta”

2:45am – FLCL — Ep 3 “Marquis de Carabas”

3:15am – FLCL — Ep 4 “Full Swing”

3:45am – FLCL — Ep 5 “Brittle Bullet”

4:15am – FLCL — Ep 6 “FLCLimax”

Note: Episode 6 of FLCL “FLCLimax” runs approximately 45 minutes long.

Also Episode 6 of FLCL “FLCLimax” will be fully uncut. Thanks to Jose Arugmedo for the info.

Also earlier today Production I.G and Adult Swim announced a FLCL Billbaord Event in which you may get a chance to win something Fooly Cooly from Adult Swim for posting the best photos and videos of the FLCL Billboards.

Production I.G and Adult Swim Announce FLCL Billboard Event to Kick Off Premiere of FLCL Progressive