Toonami Broadcast Report: April 28th-29th, 2018

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The Toonami Broadcast Report for April 28th-29th, 2018.

My Hero Academia Premiere Promo:

Class is in session! Starting next Saturday night, Toonami’s teaching you Hero 101 with the premiere of My Hero Academia! Find your quirk and tune in Saturdays at 11:30p! Go Beyond! PLUS ULTRA!!!

Adult Swim | Toonami | FLCL Progressive (S2) | Behind The Scenes:

While you countdown to the return of FLCL, take a trip to Production I.G. and sit down with the creators of FLCL: Progressive and FLCL: Alternative!

Extended Version:

May 2018 Lineup Promo:

Toonami’s kicking off their newest line up with My Hero Academia at 11:30p and season one of FLCL at midnight. Watch the line-up and prepare yourself for an action-packed weekend!

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 62 Promo:

On the next all new episode of Dragon Ball Super, Future Trunks takes on Future Zamasu and Goku Black to save the future! All happening this Saturday night at 10:30p!

And that’s it for this week’s Toonami Broadcast Report. (Update 05/04): Added the lineup promo and episode 62 promo for Dragon Ball Super.