Toonami Broadcast Report: May 12th-13th, 2018

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The Toonami Broadcast Report for May 12th-13th, 2018. We only had two promos/goodies air throughout the block this weekend, the My Hero Academia Topical Promo for Episode 3 and Part 3 of the Behind The Scenes for FLCL Progressive/Alternative. The Dragon Ball Super Topical Promo for Episode 64 did not air on the block Saturday night, once it airs and we get a copy of the promo we will update this article with it.

Toonami Promo: My Hero Academia Episode 3:

On the next episode of My Hero Academia! Mindora embarks on becoming a hero and obtaining a quirk from his idol hero. Does Mindora have the strength and will to over come the challenges ahead? Tune in this Saturday at 11:30p to find out!

FLCL Behind the Scenes: Part 3| English Voice Actors / Dub Sneak Peek | Toonami | Adult Swim:

Step into the voiceover booth with the English voice actors behind your favorite FLCL characters! Learn why the actors connect with their characters, and how their love of Toonami helps bring them to life. You might have caught a snippet on TV or Pre-Flight, but don’t miss the full segment!


Kari Wahlgren
Xanthe Huynh
Ray Chase
Allegra Clark
Marianne Miller
Steve Blum
Robbie Daymond

Extended Version:

And that’s it for this week’s Toonami Broadcast Report. We would like to note this weekend’s lineup will be running 15 minutes later than usual because episode 6 of FLCL “FLCLimax” runs approximately 45 minutes long. Click the link below for more info:

PSA: Toonami Announces Extended Schedule for May 19th For Episode 6 of FLCL “FLCLimax”