Toonami Expands to Primetime; Samurai Jack Season 1 to Broadcast in HD for First Time

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On September 11th, at 4:54pm EST Toonami dropped some MAJOR News! Toonami will now be 7 hours long expanding to 9pm starting September 29th and that isn’t the only change Toonami is bringing to their lineup as there will be a major shakeup with the block’s schedule.

Toonami will be bringing back DBZ Kai to kick off the block at 9 p.m. Naruto Shippuden will air at 10 p.m. moving from 2 a.m. with  Boruto: Naruto Next Generations debuting on the block at 10:30 p.m.

Dragon Ball Super will fall back half an hour and air at 11 p.m. Attack on Titan Season 3 will air now an hour later at midnight. Black Clover will now air at 1 a.m. before Hunter x Hunter(1:30 a.m.). And finally, the block will now end with Samurai Jack at 3:30 a.m which bumps up One-Punch Man(2:00 a.m)Lupin the Third Part IV(2:30 a.m), and Cowboy Bebop(3:00 a.m.) a half an hour earlier.

Also we have confirmed with Adult Swim in an email that Toonami will not only be starting at Season 1 of Samurai Jack but will be broadcasting it HD for the first time.

In response to the news someone asked Jason DeMarco, Creator of Toonami and SVP of Adult Swim, in his Ask FM “So…Toonami’s taking over Saturday nights again?” and Jason responded with “Looks that way doesn’t it! I can say with confidence that Toonami is definitely a network priority.”

Someone also said this to Jason “To think that just a few short years ago, Toonami was three hours long with barely any new programming and almost no budget to speak of. And that’s after a massive surge in interest due to a fun April Fool’s Day stunt thrown together using old broadcast tapes.”

Jason responded with “I’ve lived through a lot of weird/amazing things in my time as a TV person but that’s the one that will always sit at the top of my list.”

All of these changes will take effect Saturday September 29th.

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