Hunter X Hunter Fourth of July Weekend Marathon Announcement

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Hunter X Hunter Marathon

Many have speculated there was going to be a marathon for the 4th of July weekend, and it’s finally been confirmed. Toonami announced today a Hunter X Hunter marathon for July 2nd on their official Facebook:

What better way to honor America than with a nonstop seven episode TV watching binge? Strap in for a Hunter X Hunter marathon on Saturday, July 2 at 11:30p!

As usual when Toonami does marathons, they’ll play the last 7 episodes they’ve aired.

Edit 06/26: Toonami will be airing epiodes 1-7 which was confirmed with the promo.

Here is the schedule for July 2nd:

11:30pm – Hunter X Hunter Episode 1 – “Departure × And × Friends”

12:00am – Hunter X Hunter Episode 2 – “Test × of × Tests”

12:30am – Hunter X Hunter Episode 3 – “Rivals × for × Survival”

1:00am – Hunter X Hunter Episode 4 – “Hope × and × Ambition”

1:30am – Hunter X Hunter Episode 5 – “Hisoka × is × Sneaky”

2:00am – Hunter X Hunter Episode 6 – “A × Surprising × Challenge”

2:30am – Hunter X Hunter Episode 7 – “Showdown × On × The Airship”

What are your thoughts? Are you excited? Wanted Toonami to play something else or just stay with the regular line-up? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.