Toonami MomoCon Panel 2017 Rundown

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Toonami made an appearance at Momocon this year which was streamed live, however there weren’t many announcements. Here are the highlights from the panel:

– Lupin the 3rd Part IV is premiering at 2AM, not 1:30AM as it was originally announced and Hunter X Hunter will remain at 1:30AM.

You can see the full press release for Lupin The Third Part IV here:

TMS Announces Lupin The 3rd – Part 4, the Most Recognized Japanese Animation TV series, will Debut on Adult Swim on June 17th

- They are working real hard on Fooly Cooly to make sure it comes out right and there will be updates within the next few months on Fooly Cooly.

- The worm from Intruder 3 has finally been named, the Toonami Crew decided on Georgia.

- The Toonami crew are working very hard to re-boot other classic #Toonami shows and want to make more original shows after Samurai Jack’s successful run which the network was very happy about!

- Shows that have previously aired on Toonami and have a remaster have a chance of playing on Toonami.

- Shows that are being requested are My Hero Academia, Fairy Tale, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 2, and One Punch Man Season 2. And apparently Dragon Ball Super is still being requested even though it’s currently airing on the block.

This is everything we learned from the panel. There were no new announcements and it still remains unknown what is going to happen with the 11PM Time Slot.

Also congratulations to all those who won a TOM action figure during the Momocon Toonami Panel.

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If you missed the Toonami Panel you can watch it below: