Toonami MomoCon Panel 2019 Rundown

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

Toonami made an appearance at Momocon this year which was streamed live and a couple of announcements were made. Here are the highlights from the panel:

• The Subbed versions of FLCL Progressive and Alternative are now available to watch on Crunchyroll.

• Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin will be joining Toonami on July 6th.

• The Forge will premiere on November 19th and will be 6 parts long.

Those who were at the Toonami Panel got to see a special screening of part 1 which was later made available on the Toonami Facebook which can be viewed below.

• Lupin The 3rd Part V was originally planned to be announced at MomoCon but was leaked at a previous panel a month earlier forcing Toonami to make the announcement earlier than planned.

On a side note for those of you wondering if the music for Lupin The 3rd Part V will be changed, per our sources via Discotek Media, there is no replacement music, however the music used for the dub IS the original music and that neither Toonami/Adult Swim or DIscotek Media had any hand in the decision to have different music. Part IV was produced for an Italian broadcast (hence being set in Italy) and actually aired in Japan later.

So if you want to be technical, the Ohno score IS the replacement one.

That was it for announcements however there were several noteworthy things from the Toonami panel to mention.

• 3 or 4 more original shows are currently being developed for Toonami.

• The folks at Adult Swim have imagined putting Toonami as its own block but it would cause too much pressure and money. (By this we assumed have an entire night of AS just for Toonami.)

• There would be a Toonami conceptual art book if enough people showed support to buy it.

• If you were at the panel you got a special early look at the first episode of Attack on Titan Season 3 part 2 which is going to premiere tonight on Toonami at 11:30pm E/T.

Reminder tonight’s lineup is shifiting up a bit.

• Those that were able to make it to the Toonami panel were able to snag this limited Toonami T-shirt before they were all gone.

• And everyone who asked a question at the Toonami panel got a TOM figure from retroband.

But much like it’s CGI Host counterpart has in the past it suffer some unfortunate damage in losing an arm during transit to MomoCon.

And that’s everything for this year’s Toonami panel at MomoCon.

Special thanks to our fellow colleague Sam (samster299) for representing us at MomoCon and covering the Toonami Panel for us this year.

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