Toonami Pre-Flight Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016!

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Toonami Pre-Flight SDCC Panel

The Toonami Pre-Flight Panel was a short one only a few things were announced. The highlight of the panel was the announcement of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures!

JoJos BAWhich will be coming to Toonami in October around the time when One Punch Man will ending. The 2nd thing was the announcement of new clydes which premiered on Toonami this past Saturday (07/23/16).

New Cyldes

It was also announced that Toonami would be show casing Suicide Squad both promos aired on Toonami this past Saturday (07/23/16) you can watch them here if you missed them.

The Toonami Crew also played two games, which were both hosted by Dana Swanson. The first one was called “Blum or Doom” in which someone in the audience had to read various lines and match Steve Blum’s voice with one of his characters (Wolverine from X-Men, Starscream from Transformers Prime, Guilmon from Digimon and Zed from Star Wars Rebels) for a chance to win a “Blum” Prize or a “Doom” Prize.

Blum or DoomDepending on the audience’s reaction, if they thought the person matched Steve’s voice they would shout “Blum”, if they thought the person didn’t match Steve’s voice they would yell “Doom”. Those who won a “Blum” prize got a Toonami Blanket. While those who won a “Doom” prize you got a Kanji T-Shirt.

Toonami BlanketThe second game was “Deal Makers”, in this game there were 3 bags containing either great or terrible prizes.

Deal MakersThree people were picked from the audience in order to play, each person had to sacrifice something on they had to play and pick a bag. The prizes included ample amounts of Vacuum Cleaner Bags, Ham Doggers, Adult Swim Combs, Toilet Seat Turds, Adult Swim Drink Cozies and Meatwad Air Fresheners.

HamdoggerToilet Seat TurdAdult Swim Drink CoozyVaccum Cleaner Bags 1They also showed a screening of Episode 2 of One Punch Man if you missed that you can watch it here –

You can watch the Toonami Pre-Flight Panel here (Note: The video is only available until August 5th) –

Here are some tweets from Jason DeMarco, Dana Swanson, and Steve Blum.