Toonami Presents Scavengers, An Animated Special By Joseph Bennett And Charles Huettner

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To kick off the JoJo’s marathon, Toonami has announced on Facebook they they will air the premiere of Scavengers, an animated special by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner. Tune in Saturday, 12/24 at midnight and again at 3:15a E/T!

Joseph Bennett is a Los Angeles-based artist, independent animator, and director . Bennett’s content largely focuses on dark comedy shorts created from sound bytes of friends, family or strangers which are set to playful, colorful and often times disturbing animations. He works for Adult Swim, who commissioned him to create several bumps and IDs of his outlandish characters.

He uses a variety of mediums and techniques, including 2D and 3D animation, stop frame, crisp lines and feathered details, which makes each animation feel like a melding of artistic styles that will keep you entertained. Bennett’s approach to animation makes him flexible for animations lasting only a few seconds, all the way up to short films, such as the three-chapter “Odin’s Afterbirth”.

Bennett’s mixed style and off-kilter comedy is one of a kind and should not be missed.

Charles Huettner is a Pennsylvania-based artist and 2D/3D animator. He’s a founding member of the Late Night Work Club. Charles draws funny little characters and carries the same design sensibilities over into 3D space where he experiments with short, strange pieces that are collected on his “3D On The Side” Vimeo account.

His animations employ seamless transformations and an athletic flow that quickly cuts and softly glides at all the right moments. The blankness and mushiness of the figures make them capable of anything, making them perfect vessels for experimentation with form and motion.

His 2013 short entitled The Jump, is a beautiful glimpse at a spirit world where two teenagers dabble in visionary experimentation with suddenly tragic results. With a sophisticated Akira-esque score, we watch as these teens’ innocent curiosity leads to a dark tragedy.

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