Toonami to Lose 30 Minutes as Fire Force’s Run Comes to an End

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

Toonami has announced to today that the block will be loosing 30 minutes after Fire Force’s run comes to an end on February 1st, starting on February 8th, Demon Slayer is moving up to 12:30a and the remaining lineup is moving up by a half hour. It’s not unusual for Toonami to expand and shrink so while it may be losing 30 minutes for now don’t expect it to stay like that for to long.

At the end of December it was announced that Season 2 of Fire Force would be coming sometime in summer 2020. Following the premiere of Episodes 23 and 24 in Japan, a new teaser visual and PV were released for Season 2, the PV is a supercut of key moments from the first season of Fire Force featuring characters Shinra, Arthur, Maki, Tamaki, Benimaru and more. The new teaser visual gives us a tiny glimpse at what’s next, including more from Shinra and Sho’s relationship.

Sources: Toonami, FUNimation, and The Official Fire Force Website.