Toonami Trending Rundown for December 24th- 25th, 2016, By @AnimeSavior

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“Yes, I was awaiting you, Straizo. That was on behalf of Speedwagon, but I don’t think you’ll go down so easily. Our war has begun.”

–          Joseph Joestar, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Ep. 10)

The Toonami Trending Rundown for December 24-25, 2016. With this week airing being on Christmas night, Toonami took the first of two weeks off, showcasing an encore marathon of episodes 5-10 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In terms of trending, #JoJosBizarreAdventure did trend during the final part during the East Coast airing and going into the West Coast airing, as well as on Tumblr.

Toonami also premiered a new animated short, Scavengers, by Joseph Bennet, Charles Huettner and the folks at Titmouse, which also trended in the US as a result. In addition, promos for Dragon Ball Super, DBZ Kai The Final Chapters, and Gundam Unicorn were also shown, whose respective premieres are just 2 weeks away.

Next week’s Toonami will start quite literally as the ball drops in Times Square, so if you can’t make it due to New Years parties and the like, we won’t blame you. But for those that will be watching, Toonami will encore the final 7 episodes of the DBZ Kai Cell saga, while a special presentation of the viral music video Shelter will be shown.

Until next week, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy Hanukkah and to all, a good night.

Legend: The shows listed are ordered based on their appearance on the schedule. Show trends are listed in bold. The number next to the listed trend represents the highest it trended on the list (not counting the promoted trend), judging only by the images placed in the rundown. For the Twitter tweet counts, the listed number of tweets are also sorely based on the highest number shown based on the images on the rundown.

United States Trends:

  • #Scavengers [#8]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure (Also during the West Coast airing) [#8]

Tweet Counts:

  • Toonami [3,065 tweets]
  • #Toonami [1,570 tweets]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [2,410 tweets]

Tumblr Trends:

  • #toonami
  • #jojos bizarre adventure

Special thanks to @myanimewaifu and others I forgot to mention for spotting some of the trends on this list.

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Special thanks to @animesavior for giving us permission to post the Toonami Trending Rundown here.