Toonami Trending Rundown for May 22-23, 2021

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“Greetings, residence of Kyokusei Dorm. We’ll, from what I can see from here, you’ve all still got pitiful looks on your faces. At this point the end result is obvious, even without the Advancement Exam. Perhaps it would be easier if you all just left the academy right now. Only a brief time has passed since I came to stay with you, and while I have been staying here at the dorm, I’ve had many. let’s just say, opportunities to sample all of your dishes. The flavors were often erratic and sometimes a complete mess. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve delivered my criticism. However, I can say with certainty, every dish of yours shared the quality of freedom. Now look, you’ll never live up to your true potential if you continuing staying down in the dumps and just allow yourself to flunk out now. It’s Pathetic! Are you going to roll over like this? It’s not a question of getting through it. You must simply forge your own path with your cooking. If all of you have the will to fight on and wish to continue staying here, I shall use my God Tongue and support you in realizing your potential. Those of you without the will to fight should leave right now. I will only face this exam with those of you who have the strength needed to forge on. Now, if you believe you are truly honorable chefs, then step up to the plate and follow my lead!”

–          Erina Nakari, Food Wars: The Third Plate (Ep. 13)

The Toonami Trending Rundown for May 22-23, 2021.

On Twitter, #Toonami would successfully trend in the United States alongside My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, Food Wars, The Promised Neverland, and Black Clover. Food Wars’ buzz would also produce a character trend in Erina, as Soma proves to her that he can be a great cook as his father. Meanwhile on Tumblr, #Toonami would also trend. The full list, including statistics and tweet counts from the Twitter app, can be seen below.

This week’s feature was a video game review of Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection, the eight installment in Capcom’s Ghosts ‘n Goblins series. It received an 8.0 out of 10 score.

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Lupin the Third anime series, and to commemorate the occasion, TMS Entertainment has announced that Part 6 is in production, scheduled to begin broadcast in Japan this coming October 2021.

TMS has released a trailer alongside a key visual drawn by character designer Hirotaka Marufuji. The text in the left-hand side says: “Lupin, Villain or Hero?”

With COVID-19 relegating Anime Expo to a virtual event for the second year in a row, Aniplex USA will be bringing back their separate virtual event on YouTube this coming July 3rd, titled Aniplex Online Fest 2021Demon Slayer will be a hot topic following the theatrical success of the Mugen Train film, and we could see potential news regarding the upcoming second season scheduled for next year, the Entertainment District Arc. Meanwhile, we’ll be seeing new information regarding Sword Art Online’s upcoming movie, -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night, which is slated to premiere in Japanese theaters in the Fall.

Finally, a reminder that tomorrow’s edition of Toonami (May 29-30) will include a schedule change. Current reruns of Dragon Ball Super will be moving down the lineup from midnight to end the block at 3:30 a.m. Eastern. The rest of the lineup will move up the schedule by 30 minutes respectively. The full schedule is as follows:

  • 12:00 A.M. – My Hero Academia
  • 12:30 A.M. –  Dr. Stone
  • 01:00 A.M. – Food Wars
  • 01:30 A.M. – The Promised Neverland
  • 02:00 A.M. – Black Clover
  • 02:30 A.M. – Naruto: Shippuden
  • 03:00 A.M. – Attack on Titan
  • 03:30 A.M. – Dragon Ball Super

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Legend: The shows listed are ordered based on their appearance on the schedule. Show trends are listed in bold. The number next to the listed trend represents the highest it trended on the list (not counting the promoted trend), judging only by the images placed in the rundown. For the Twitter tweet counts, the listed number of tweets are also sorely based on the highest number shown based on the images on the rundown.

United States Trends:

  • #Toonami [Trended with #DrStone, #FoodWars and #ThePromisedNeverland]
  • #MyHeroAcademia [Trended with #DrStone]
  • #DrStone [#29]
  • #FoodWars [#6]
  • Erina (From Food Wars!) [#18]
  • #ThePromisedNeverland [#5]
  • #BlackClover [#30]

Tweet Counts:

  • #Toonami [5,769 tweets]
  • #MyHeroAcademia [9,721tweets]
  • #FoodWars [2,441 tweets]
  • Erina (From Food Wars!) [5,796 tweets]
  • #BlackClover [3,739 tweets]

Tumblr Trends:

  • #Toonami

Notes and Other Statistics:

Special thanks to @BerMEWdez728, @Journeyman15, @sdurso5 and others I forgot to mention for spotting some of the trends on this list.

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