Adult Swim Officially Ends Partnership With Box Blvd Starts New Partnership With Loot Crate

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At the beginning of this year we wrote an article regarding Box Blvd’s unsatisfactory handling of the Adult Swim Box which can be read here:

Box Blvd Another Anchor Bay?

A few things have happened in the months after writing that article, all the Box Blvd sites were shut down around June 2018 and the CEO and Founder of Box Blvd, Jeff Cherkassky, left the company leaving subscribers hung out to dry. At the time of all of the Box Blvd sites shutting down some subscribers still haven't received there box and some were actually being charged for a subscription they canceled and due to the site being down could not access their accounts to change anything.

On December 21st, 2018 emails started going out stating that the partnership between Adult Swim and Box Blvd has ended and that Loot Crate will be taking over the Adult Swim Boxes as of November 28th, 2018.

The full email reads as follows:


Hey Adult Swim Fans,

First of all, thanks for signing up for the Adult Swim Box subscription! We know it's been a while,but we've got some important updates for you:

As of 11/28/2018, we are excited to announce that Loot Crate will be handling all Box Boulevard/Adult Swim subscription boxes moving forward. The next box will feature Robot Chicken and is slated for an April 2019 delivery.

We appreciate your patience as we get ramped up. We will be revealing items, sharing details, and communicating with you along the way. If you have questions about your subscription, our friendly Customer Support team will be happy to help. You can contact them anytime at:

Over our 6-year history, we've curated some incredible stuff and worked with all of your favorite creators to make sure our products are authentic and exclusive. We are thrilled to partner with Adult Swim and can't wait to bring you an amazing assortment of officially licensed products.
Thanks and welcome to the Looter Community!

We love you,
Loot Crate"

We have reached out to Loot Crate to find out more information and to find out if those who haven't received their Adult Swim Box since the launch of the Adult Swim Box will receive their box from them now.

If you still haven't received you Toonami Box/Adult Swim Box send us an email at letting us know.

Special thanks to Duelist for bringing the email to our attention.