Box Blvd Another Anchor Bay?

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Is Box Blvd another Anchor Bay? If you don’t know what I mean by that I’ll explain.

Back in February of last year, Anchor Bay released the Ghost in the Shell:SAC Complete Series Blu-ray collection along with a plethora of technical issues such as video quality, audio glitches, dubtiles, and more. We reached out to Anchor Bay several times only to be constantly stonewalled by them. We also reached out to Right Stuf, one of many distributors that were selling Ghost in the Shell: SAC and they too were stonewalled and just out right left in silence by their representatives at Anchor Bay.

Now to the Toonami Box. The Toonami Box was announced September 8th, 2017 and advertised as “The Exclusive Toonami Box! Within each box is an immersive experience including exclusives and collectibles not found anywhere else. Each Box contains at least $100 of value inside!” along with two subscription options, a quarterly subscription for $49.99 +S/H and an annual subscription which had a discounted price of $45.99 +S/H if you chose it. With both subscriptions you would receive an Adult Swim themed box every 12 weeks with the first being the Toonami Box. With the quarterly subscription you could cancel it and not be charged for the other boxes.

After a month of wondering when the boxes would be shipped out, it was finally announced on November 8th that the Toonami boxes would be sent out on December 10th.

Now before I go any further I would just like to state that the Toonami Crew and Adult Swim have nothing to do with the Toonami Box other than their designs being used by Box Blvd, which is known as “white labeling”. White Labeling is where a product is produced by one company (in this case Box Blvd) and is designed and marketed with another company’s brand (in this case Toonami). Box Blvd is responsible for making the box, filling the box, selling the box, handling billing, fulfillment, and delivery of the box, and giving the company whose design is being used (in this case Toonami/Adult Swim) their share of the profits made. So any issues and problems related to the Toonami Box mention below solely fall on Box Blvd and not the Toonami Crew and Adult swim.

The first issue was the fact that they lied about some of the items being exclusive to the box when in fact that wasn’t true. Several of the items in the box can be purchased on Adult Swim’s personal online store

Once in December, that’s when the problems started, the boxes didn’t get shipped out on the 10th like it was originally stated and people were being charged twice even though they canceled their subscription before it would renew.

The 2nd charge was supposedly fixed, though we are not sure if this issue was resolved for everyone. However people were still not receiving their boxes when stated they would. Some people received emails stating their Toonami Box was shipped out, but didn’t include a tracking number, some people’s orders still said unfilled even though they had ordered their box in September when the box was first announced, and some didn’t even receive any kind of email notification. Adult Swim Box also wouldn’t respond to anyone’s inquiries into the situation, neither by email or Twitter, leaving people frustrated with early buyers feeling even more frustrated when Adult Swim Box gave out promo codes in mid-November and the beginning of December (before people started having issues) and now they don’t even have the Toonami Box after having bought it earlier, paid more for it, not receiving it when promised and being ignored by Adult Swim Box.

Listed below are emails from our followers who purchased the box who have not received there box yet and haven’t gotten any response from Adult Swim.

Email 1.

This buyer said he ordered his Toonami Box on September 8th and has yet to get any correspondence from Box Blvd other than an email he received on December 8th addressing the 2nd charge and that the box would ship out a week from that email. However, he still hasn’t receive his box and hasn’t gotten any response back from Box Blvd since.

Email 2.

This buyer said he ordered 2 boxes, he did receive one of them, but has yet to receive the 2nd box. His account on said both orders are still unconfirmed and that he didn’t receive a confirmation email for either box and doesn’t know when to expect the 2nd box.

Email 3.

This buyer said he ordered his box on 11/10 and received a confirmation email the same day, but without a tracking number. He has emailed Box Blvd twice since then and hasn’t gotten any response from them.

Email 4.

This buyer says he still hasn’t received his box and has contacted Box Blvd twice, with his 2nd email stating that he was going to cancel and contact his bank. After the 2nd email, he finally got a response saying the boxes are packed and ready and that he should expect a tracking number in the next few days. However that was weeks ago from when he contacted us and still hasn’t received a tracking number or any response from Box Blvd since.

We also had a few of followers reach out to us on twitter back in December.

One person stated that they purchased a box and hasn’t received it yet nor have they gotten any response from Box Blvd.

Another person asked if the box has shipped yet and stated that there is a lot of confusion on the ship date and being charged twice.

Another person stated that Box Blvd won’t even reply to anyone’s email or release a statement on why they didn’t ship when they were supposed to.

Quite a few people took to twitter to complain about how Box Blvd was handling the situation. See below for their responses to the situation:


(Update Jan 12th, 2018:) On today’s episode of Toonami Pre-Flight at the end of a segment with Dana Swanson reviewing the Sara figurine that comes with the Toonami Box Jason DeMarco, Creator of Toonami, stated that he also never received his Toonami box and that it was “fucked up!” Here’s the link for the full video of the episode of Toonami Pre-Flight:

We have contacted both the representatives and Box Blvd directly to inquire into all of the issues the buyers have been experiencing. We haven’t received any correspondence from Box Blvd, however as I was finishing writing this article I actually received a response from Chloe Thompson, the Representative at and here is what she stated:

“Hi Joshua,

Sorry for the delay in response. I was double checking with our fulfillment team to really see what’s going on since most of the boxes have been shipped. What I found out is that we ran out of XXL shirts. They have been ordered and will arrive within 2 weeks. We will mail out the rest of the boxes once the XXL shirt is inside. I hope this helps explain things.

Chloe Thompson
Customer Care

Now… I have to be honest here… I have to call straight BS on this! You expect us and the buyers to believe one of two things: that because you ran out of “XXL Shirts”, you delayed almost everyone’s box until you got a new stock of XXL Shirts or that almost everyone who ordered a box also ordered a XXL Shirt and that the fulfilment team couldn’t let you know this so you could let the buyers know instead of leaving them in silence to get even more frustrated. I find the latter reason very hard to believe, there is no logical reason to delay almost everyone’s box just to get a few XXL Shirts for those who may have order them.

Now at the same time I received that response one of our followers had also reached out to us as well, he said that he finally received a response back from Adult Swim Box and that they stated they would re-send him his box… Now how could resend something that you told us you haven’t even shipped out yet and won’t be shipped out for another 2 weeks!? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

Now I don’t put any blame on Chloe Thompson, she is just a representative for who sends the orders to Box Blvd to be fulfilled, which is who bares the blame for not handling the situation right and not being straightforward with their customers. It may even be possible that Box Blvd prompted her to give us that response.

(Update Jan 12th, 2018:) Box Blvd Inc. has threatened to take possible legal action against Toonami Squad on January 11th 2018 via an email from Jeff CEO of Box BLVD if we don’t take this article down. The allegations are regarding defamatory statements made against Box Blvd in this article. Toonami Squad has attempted to contact Box Blvd but has not yet received any response.

I would just like to state that we have done nothing wrong by posting this article, we have every right to write this article. Everything that was stated in this article was sourced and backed by evidence to support it, nothing stated in this article was false. It is not our intention to do anything wrong, nor publish anything that can be considered to be not true as a result we are willing to remove any statements that are indeed PROVEN to be false. We only wrote this article in defense of our followers and the buyers of the Toonami Box who were and still are frustrated with the way Adult Swim Box/Box Blvd has handle the situation to get a response from Box Blvd however this was not the response we were expecting to get. Thank you.

(Update Feb 2nd, 2018): It has almost been five months since people ordered their Toonami boxes and some have yet to receive them or a response back from Box Bvd. However, it has been brought to our attention by several people that those who were fortunate enough to receive their box are now receiving another Toonami box they never ordered. As far as we can tell everyone who has received a second box has not been charged for it.

Read below to see reports of people who received a 2nd Toonami Box they hadn’t even order:

Special thanks to @Sketch1984 who originally brought this newest development to our attention.

Adult Swim Box has now moved onto Box Two the Robot Chicken Box. However, the Toonami Box is still listed at the bottom of their site to purchase. Thanks to our fellow staff member SilverAbsolutionII who pointed this out.

We would also like to note that we haven’t received any response back from Box Blvd since they threatened to take possible legal action against us.

(Update Feb 7th, 2018): Yesterday Jason DeMarco, Creator of Toonami and SVP of Adult Swim, responded to our article and asked that everyone who ordered but didn’t get a box, can you please let him know that as previously stated in this article the Toonami Crew didn’t make this deal with Box Blvd and they aren’t involved with the shipping, however they will do their best to make it right. Thanks.

Also today @Schmullus1 who was one of the early adopters of the box and who has reached out to us several times before reached out to us again told us that he has finally received his Toonami Box after waiting five months for it. He ordered his box September 8th, 2017 the day it was announced and never received a tracking number or any other info on the shipment from Box Blvd. He stated according to the shipment info on the box it was shipped out on Feb. 3rd via USPS Parcel Select.

We haven’t been able to verify if others who are still waiting on their box received it yet or not.

(Update Feb 9th, 2018): Duelist another buyer who has previously reach out to us several times before has reached out to us again to let us know that he finally received a response from Adult Swim Box/Box Blvd. The email stated that they now have a new support team in place and that all the boxes have been shipped out, however according to the tracking number duelist was supplied with his box hasn’t actually been shipped yet.

We decided to try and reach out Adult Swim Box/ Box Blvd again to see what response they would give us and we received the same response we received the first time when first writing this article that was that all the boxes were delayed because they ran out of XXL Shirts, however as we first stated when we were first giving that response that makes no sense because not everyone order a XXL Shirt so why delay all the boxes just to reorder XXL Shirts for those who may have ordered them.

So I ask again, is Box Blvd another Anchor Bay?

In my opinion I would have to say yes, companies like Box Blvd and Anchor Bay think they can just get away with screwing their customers over without having to face any consequence for it. But that’s not true, people will get tired of their crap and stop buying from them and as long as fansites like us are around, we will spread the word and ensure people are aware of companies like these so that they can’t get screwed over and we will continue to contact companies like these to let them know that we are here and that we won’t let them get away with their wrong doings.

As Toonami says “We Won’t Be Intimidated By Criminal Threats!”

If you are still having issues with Adult Swim Box/Box Blvd and still haven’t received your Toonami Box, please continue to email us at or let us know on our social media accounts.

Hopefully Adult Swim Box/Box Blvd can rectify these issues, unlike Anchor Bay.

Note: The emails we received from our followers had their personal information redacted for security and confidentiality reasons.

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