After The Rain Episode One Review

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I’m going to be upfront, this show made me uncomfortable and it all stems from the concept alone. After The Rain, follows Akira Tachibana who was apart of the track team, but due to an injury she had to quit. She ends up taking a job at a restaurant where she ends up falling in love with the forty five year old manager. If that small synopsis doesn’t ring well with you then this show will be a hard pass. However, I wouldn’t call it bad it’s just going to be hard to fully grasp this series mainly because of how bizarre and foreign it is.

Look I’m no stranger to weird love stories, I’ve watched Tenchi Muyo, Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun, and Inuyasha so stuff like this shouldn’t phase me. Yet this one is just so out their at least with the other ones they focus on characters falling in love with someone of their age or aren’t even apart of our world. Having some sort of fantasy element or keeping it to the same age group would at least have some ground, but this…this was something else. It’s tone isn’t like the other romance shows I mentioned either because A. Romance was secondary like with Inuyasha or B. was a comedy or had more focus than love. After The Rain was very serious in tone and I gotta say it works for the most part. We get a good insight as to why Akira is in love with this man I do like the part where she remembers the first time she met him. I can’t say it feels contrived but it was nice enough although I’m not at a point where it feels convincing. Still though the concept is just hard to muster since the show itself at least by episode one, isn’t bad it’s just gonna be tough to really analyze it without parts of it becoming so weird.

Still though with that being said it has a wonderful production to it. The style of this show looks drastically different than any other title Studio Wit has ever handled and the show has decent animation. Really the hardest part to get through about this show is the uncomfortable concept. It’s just way too foregin even for most people hardore or casual alike. Still if somehow what I wrote spoke to you and your curious to check this out then I can safely recommend this title just be prepared for what’s in store.

Final Verdict: 6/10

After the Rain is currently streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.


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