Four Years of Toonami Project Announcement

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Four Years Of Toonami Project
Toonami fans this is your call to arms. To celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Toonami’s resurrection Toonami Squad wants to hear from YOU!
We want the community to share what Toonami means to you! Feel free to express yourselves in any form desired. Be it by creating fan art, a video/audio clip, or even a tweet! Share your memories/thoughts with the hashtag #FourYearsOfToonami via Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus!

Toonami fans have been through the thick and thin of it the good times and the bad, we’d be honored if you would share with the community a few of those memories. How old were you when you 1st started watching Toonami? Are you an OG from back in ’97 or maybe new to the crew just starting from the Adult Swim broadcast? Do you remember the infamous Adult Swim April Fools Day prank of 2012?! Tell us why after 4 years of being canceled and removed from the zeitgeist did you want Toonami to be revived 4 years ago. You can include any personal memories you’ve had of Toonami over it’s many years on and off the air. This project is a compilation of all your stories/memories regarding Toonami rolled into one video for all to see!

    • Clips can be in Audio or Video
    • Clips can be no longer than two minutes
    • Clips/fan art must be sent in no later than 05/26/2016
    • When tweeting/Sharing on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus make sure to use the hashtag #FourYearsOfToonami

Clips and fan art can be sent to us via our DM on Twitter, via inbox on Facebook, via Email at or you can upload clips and fan art here via our upload form. Note: When Emailing us clips and fan art be sure to put in the subject line “Four Years of Toonami Project”.