(Updated) Toonami Schedule For May 21st and May 28th

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Toonami Schdeules for May 21st and 28th
The schedules for May 21st and May 28th were announced yesterday (05/09/16) on the Toonami Facebook


With Dimension W coming to an end on May 14th we will get an hour of DBZKai on May 21st from 12am-1am. Then with May 28th being Memorial Day Weekend we will be getting a Marathon as usual this time the Marathon will be Samurai Champloo, as of right now we don’t know what episodes will be playing but once we do we will update you.

(Updated: 05/17/16 @4:40pm)

Toonami Schedule for May 21st:

12:00am – DBZ Kai

12:30am – DBZ Kai

1:00am – Hunter X Hunter

1:30am – Samurai Champloo

2:00 am – Naruto Shippuden

2:30 am – One Piece

3:00am – Parasyte

Toonami Schedule for May 28th:

12:00am – Samurai Champloo Episode 15 – “Bogus Booty”

12:30 am – Samurai Champloo Episode 16 –  “Lullabies of the Lost (Verse 1)”

1:00 am – Samurai Champloo Episode 17 – “Lullabies of the Lost (Verse 2)”

1:30 am – Samurai Champloo Episode 18 – “War of the Words”

2:00 am – Samurai Champloo Episode 19 – “Unholy Union”

2:30 am – Samurai Champloo Episode 20 – “Elegy of Entrapment (Verse 1)”

3:00 am – Samurai Champloo Episode 21 –  “Elegy of Entrapment (Verse 2)”

So with that said this means the new show (Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) won’t be premiering until June 4th, so why isn’t Toonami premiering the new show on may 21st? Well as stated above there will be a Marathon on May 28th Memorial Day Weekend just like in previous years so it makes no sense for Toonami to premiere a new show for one episode then wait two weeks for the next episode hence why the wait to June 4th.