Is Expansion Staying?

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

As of the time I’m writing this it was announced on Toonami Pre Flight that the final season of Samurai Jack will premiere at 11 pm instead of its original suggested 11:30 pm time slot. Not even an hour later people are saying that we’ll lose it. What a very pessimistic community and honestly it’s rather idiotic to be thinking this when we have no clue what’s coming this year. I get it people don’t want to get their hopes up by believing that such a thing to stay.

My rebuttal to that is who cares? I find it awesome we are getting an earlier expansion if it stays it stays if it doesn’t who cares? I personally find 11 pm a questionable slot that’ll stay since it maybe a slot dedicated to airing really huge shows to start off the block and Jack is such a show to do so. Like I mentioned previously we don’t know what’s coming next nor what the block will add, but it’s pretty clear that they trust Samurai Jack enough to give it top billing. There are plenty of shows that are a possibility to come to the block this year and if they continue giving 11 pm a huge show whenever one leaves then 11 pm is here to stay if not oh well.

I get it after losing six and a half hours to three and a half was disheartening to many, but look at how far the block has come since then. We did experiment last year by moving up to 11:30 pm only to then move back to midnight. Then Dragon Ball Super came and gave a much deserved expansion to four hours, now Samurai Jack gives the block four and a half hours we’re certainly doing better than before and if Toonami continues at this momentum and keeps surprising the viewer than I’m certain that no matter what happens the block will still be kicking. I’d say enjoy it for the time and don’t worry or be concerned of when doom will strike if doom strikes you know what we’ll pick ourselves up and try again.


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