Jason DeMarco Twitter Q&A Session Rundown

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Jason DeMarco, SVP of Adult Swim and Creator of Toonami, did a Q&A on his Twitter earlier today.

Below is a rundown of Q&A’s that were noteworthy:

Jason and the Toonami crew will be heading to a lot of cons this year so expect to hear a lot more news regarding FLCL and other stuff to be announced this year.

The hardest part of running Toonami is keeping the block relevant while working with the small budget they have compared to their streaming competitors.

While Jason is more interested in doing more new projects there are several shows that have aired on the block that he’d love to see have new seasons.

Popularity, cost, personal preference, and relationship with the distributor are all deciding factors on what shows do and don’t make it on to the block.

Bringing Toonami back was Jason’s favorite April Fool’s Prank that Adult Swim has pulled on April Fools. I think we can all agree with that lol.

Comedy, horror, slice of life, sports anime, magical girl, and hard sci-fi are all genres outside of the traditional action shows that Jason would like to bring to the block in the future.

Just like for Season 5 of Samurai Jack there will be lots of marketing/advertising, however at this time there will be no album release.

Nothing is planned at this time but the Toonami crew will definitely do another mixtape some at point.

Jason doesn’t see other genres of anime outside of action getting a Toonami-like block on U.S. TV.

Want to know if Toonami is doing anything for April Fools this year? You’ll just have to watch and see to find out. 😉

Jason wishes Gundam Unicorn did better during its run on Toonami.

Jason and the Toonami crew are mostly looking forward and have a lot big things planned for next year.

Some of Jason’s favorite OSTs from Toonami shows are from Gurren Lagann among other great shows.

Jason would prefer to make original series over original movies.

Big O could return for another run on block.

The Toonami crew keeps a list of shows they would like to air on the block.

For those hoping for a chance of One Piece returning back to block unfortunately that is still out of the picture right now.

And that was it for the Q&A!