Flip Flappers Anime Review by GundamBarbatos9

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Hello and welcome to another anime review by Toonami Squad’s Gundam Barbabtos. Today i will be giving a review of Flip Flappers anime series, courtesy of Sentai Filmworks. Now Sentai has gradually been improving upon there dubs since Akame Ga Kill and the Excellent Parasyte the Maxim as seen on Toonami during the sentai hour.

I first stumbled upon the Flip Flappers anime via the anime network on demand
Cable service and it was a phenomenal and mind blowing ride. The story revolves around Cocona and Papika going on adventures to myserious and oddly familiar worlds within the place called Pure Illusion. During their time in this pure illusion, they are on the search for thess items called fragments or shards as they are reffered to in the dub
while battling monsters, robots etc.

Cocona and Papika start out as friends with hints and nods of romance between the two of them. Not to mention, Yayaka, the childhood friend of Cocona, is show to start out as a bit of a villian in the beginning but eventually becomes a very important ally mid way through.

The Good of the series: the story is well written, has beautiful animation and art designs of the characters and the art director is, on a side note, the same director who made the art designs of space dandy. Music is very good and i enjoyed the OST very much. The LE Blu ray comes with a 288 Art booklet conprised of notes, storyboard, character concept art, 6 art cards and a Holographic Wind chime. The dub cast is comprised of Luci Christian as Cocona, Brittney Karbowski as Papika and many other voice actors from sentai Filmworks that give an excellent performance.  

The Bad : while the animation is good, it sometimes dips in quailty from time to time in certain episodes. Howevef it is a minor notice.

Overall, Flip Flappers is a very beautiful, excellent and well told anims ssries with 13 episodes amd i highly recommend it fof those who love sentai Filmworks. Stay tuned for more Reviews of Anime, games and manga on Toonami Squad website !