Toei Animation Confirms Reports of New Dragon Ball Super Episodes Are False

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

There have been reports of new episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” circulating around, according to the reports Dragon Ball Super’s return is slated to go down in July 2019, that its return has been in the works for some time now and that new episodes of Dragon Ball Super have been in production since last year and they’re working on the key animation currently.

We reached out to Toei Animation to find out if there were any truth to these reports and Toei Animation has confirmed with us that these reports are indeed false.

Here is the statement we received from Toei:

“Toei Animation media representative David Syatt wholeheartedly denies the rumors. He confirms that there are no new episodes of Dragon Ball Super being produced at this time.”

David Syatt representative for Toei Animation also went on to say that a more comprehensive statement may be released later today.

We will update this article when new information becomes available.