Toonami Glitches Out During Broadcast of Episode 6 of Sword Art Online: Alicization

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

During last night’s broadcast of Episode 6 of Sword Art Online during Toonami, Adult Swim feed on both East and West coast airings as well as the simulcast stream on Adult Swim’s website saw a significant glitch around 6 minutes into the show as the episode froze for a few seconds before going into a commercial break before skipping ahead to airing the first half of this week’s scheduled episode of Megalo Box several minutes earlier than it was scheduled Megalo Box would then repeat its first half during its regular scheduled time.

The rest of the block would air as scheduled without any further issues.

In addition viewers saw a 404 error when attempting to view the live simulcast streams on the Adult Swim website during the night.

However the simulcast stream was viewable through this link

We reached out to Adult Swim officials to see what may have happened and if a re-airing of the episode is possible.

Earlier this morning we spoke with Chris Hartley, VP of Production for Toonami and Adult Swim. via email, she told us they’re looking into it and to please let fans know they are sorry and that they will send out an update once they have a solution!

Jason DeMarco took to Twitter to issued this statement below that they are looking into the issue and he’s not sure if they will re-air the episode or not, but he will let you know when they know more. Sorry for the inconvenience!

In the meantime, the episode was made available this morning to view in full on the Adult Swim website and App. (Cable service provider login is required to view.)

Updated (3/18 @3:25pm C/T): Chris Hartley, VP of Production for Toonami and Adult Swim, just sent us an email stating that Toonami plans to re-broadcast episode 6 this coming Saturday 3/23! Apologies to all our fans for the glitch this past weekend. Know that we are working to make sure it doesn’t happen again this Saturday.

Jason DeMarco also posted this message on Twitter, Toonami fans, sorry about the Sword Art Online glitch this past Saturday night. We’ll be replaying (and hopefully finishing) eps 6 this coming Saturday at 12:30a. We’ll then be running eps 7 and 8 back-to-back on Saturday, March 30th from 12:30a-1:30a. Sorry again!

He also asked to please don’t direct any anger towards Aniplex USA, he said this was absolutely not their fault. Just an internal error.

An announcement was also made on the official Toonami Facebook as well.

Updated (3/19 @4:30pm C/T): When asked if they ever figured out what caused the glitch, Chris Hartley, VP of Production for Toonami and Adult Swim, stated to us in an email that they have identified what caused it and are correcting it to ensure it doesn’t happen again this weekend and in the future.

No reason on what caused the glitch in the first place has been giving as of yet.

We will update this article once more information becomes available.