Toonami Announces Dragon Ball Z Kai Marathon for April 11, 2020 to Help Deal With Programming Delays

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UPDATE: Toonami’s DBZ Kai Marathon will focus on the first seven episodes of the Cell Saga.

Toonami has announced a Dragon Ball Z Kai Marathon to take place on April 11, 2020 from 11:30pm – 3;30am.

In a statement from Facebook Toonami said:

“To help you all get through staying at home, Toonami’s bringing back a crowd favorite for one night only! On April 11th, binge all the action you can handle with a back-to-back-to-back DBZ Kai marathon from 11:30p – 3:30a. Grab your snacks and hunker down with Toonami!”

We have confirmed with Adult Swim that marathon will focus on the first seven episodes of the Cell Saga, here is the schedule:

SATURDAY 4/11/20:

11:30pm – 12:00am – DRAGON BALL Z KAI 78 – “Cell on the Verge of Defeat! Krillin, Destroy Android 18!”

12:00am – 12:30am – DRAGON BALL Z KAI 79 – “The Battle Turns for the Worst… Cell Attacks Android 18!”

12:30am – 1:00am – DRAGON BALL Z KAI 80 – “The Tables Are Turned! Witness the Power of Perfection!”

1:00am – 1:30am – DRAGON BALL Z KAI 81 – “Vegeta’s Final Push! Defeat the Invincible Cell!”

1:30am – 2:00am  – DRAGON BALL Z KAI 82 – “The Strongest Super Saiyan! Trunks’ Power Unleashed!”

2:00am – 2:30am – DRAGON BALL Z KAI 83 – “Cell Invades the Airwaves! Announcing, “The Cell Games!”

2:30am – 3:00am  – DRAGON BALL Z KAI 84 – “Training Complete! Goku Sizes Up the Competition!”

(NOTE: In DBZ Kai these episodes are considered the start of the Cell Saga, in the original Dragon Ball Z the Cell Saga is split into 3 different sagas, The Imperfect Cell Saga, The Perfect Cell Saga, and The Cell Games Saga.

The announcement of a marathon doesn’t come as a surprise because as previously reported Jason DeMarco stated on Twitter that Toonami would be directly affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and that we would see delays with programming and because of that we would be seeing marathons, reruns, and maybe special plays of classic shows on the block.

This isn’t the first setback Toonami has experience due to COVID-19, as we previously reported Toonami was forced to cancel there scheduled panel at this years MomoCon.

We should expect more programming changes to come to Toonami in the coming weeks due to COVID-19 and we will keep you updated as we learn what new changes Toonami will be facing.

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