Toonami Announces My Hero Academia S4 to Premiere on November 9th Replacing Dragon Ball Super at 11:00pm E/T

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On September 12th FUNimation announced that the sub and dub of My Hero Academia Season 4 would premiere on October 12th on FUNimationNow the same day as the Japanese broadcast. Fans begun wondering if/when it would premiere on Toonami and following the finale of Dragon Ball Super and subsequent rerun of the last 4 episodes fans begun speculating that Dragon Ball Super was a temporary place holder and that Toonami would be getting My Hero Academia Season 4 at a later date, well that has now been confirmed.

Toonami has announced via Facebook that My Hero Academia season 4 will be premiering on November 9th replacing Dragon Ball Super at 11pm E/T.

“School’s back in session! Toonami is proud to announce the season four premiere of My Hero Academia, happening on November 9th at 11p! Bust out your planner and take notes on the full schedule below.

November 9th Lineup:
11:00p: My Hero Academia (Season 4 premiere)
11:30p – One Punch Man
12:00a – Dr. Stone
12:30a – Fire Force
1:00a – Food Wars!
1:30a – Demon Slayer
2:00a – Black Clover
2:30a – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
3:00a – Naruto: Shippuden
3:30a – Lupin the 3rd part 5
4:00a – Attack on Titan (Season 1)”

We have confirmed with Adult Swim PR that Attack On Titan will start from the beginning (Season 1, Episode 1) on November 9th.

The possible reason for the Toonami not getting My Hero Academia right away is because most simuldubs, are usually on a few weeks delay before airing anywhere else. Sony/FUNimation still want to drive traffic to their own platform, Attack On Titan seems to be one of the few simuldubs that gets an outright Toonami premiere without the any delays.

The first two English dubbed episodes of My Hero Academia SeSON 4 have been released on FUNimationNow.

Here’s the trailer for My Hero Academia Season 4:

“The fourth season is shaping up to be quite the challenge for our favorite heroes, as Deku and co. are introduced to powerful new heroes like Mirio and Sir Nighteye and terrifying villains like Overhaul. Seriously, what is his deal?

Deku will also have to come to terms with where he stands as next in line to be the Symbol of Peace. Can he fill the void created by All Might in his retirement? Can he master his abilities in time to defend those he cares about? Will the villains tip the scales?”

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