Toonami Presents “Children Who Chase Lost Voices” This Saturday at 3 AM E/T

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Toonami will be showing Sentai Filmwork’s “Children Who Chase Lost Voices” from award winning Director Makoto Shinkai this Saturday during the daylight saving bonus hour at 3 am E/T .

Movie Synopsis: “Having lived a lonely life ever since her father’s passing, Asuna spends her days listening to the otherworldly sounds of a crystal radio, left to her as a memento. Exploring the mountains near her home, Asuna is attacked by a strange beast. A mysterious stranger steps in to save her life, however their acquaintance is tragically cut short when the boy is killed. But when Asuna discovers a gateway to another world, she is overjoyed at the prospect of seeing him again. Alongside a band of friends who hold feelings of hope for their lost ones, Asuna undertakes a journey into a land of legends.”

Children Who Chase Lost Voices Toonami Promo:

TRAILER (English Subtitles Only):