Toonami Ratings: August 2017

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Among all the shows, “Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters” and “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders” ranked almost consistantly on Saturday’s Top 10 Original Cable Telecasts throughout the month of August. With “Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters” being the only show to consistantly stay among the Top 5. (On another note, while it wasn’t within it’s Toonami timeslot, the 8:30 airing of “Dragon Ball Super” was also ranked consistantly in the Top 10 throughout the month.)

August 5, 2017    
TimeShowsViewers18-4918-49 (000)
11:00pmDragon Ball Super918,0000.42541,000
11:30pmDragon Ball Z Kai851,0000.39504,000
12:00amJojo's Bizarre Adventure (SC)702,0000.34435,000
12:30amTokyo Ghoul664,0000.32407,000
1:00amHunter X Hunter574,0000.29375,000
1:30amLupin The 3rd: Part 4569,0000.24308,000
2:00amNaruto Shippuden453,0000.21271,000
2:30amGhost In The Shell: SAC386,0000.18229,000
3:00amAttack On Titan403,0000.19240,000

August 12, 2017    
TimeShowsViewers18-4918-49 (000)
11:00pmDragon Ball Super901,0000.41531,000
11:30pmDragon Ball Z Kai844,0000.39498,000
12:00amJojo's Bizarre Adventure (SC)680,0000.31404,000
12:30amTokyo Ghoul622,0000.27341,000
1:00amHunter X Hunter567,0000.26332,000
1:30amLupin The 3rd: Part 4459,0000.19248,000
2:00amNaruto Shippuden501,0000.21273,000
2:30amGhost In The Shell: SAC389,0000.17222,000
3:00amAttack On Titan365,0000.17220,000

August 19, 2017    
TimeShowsViewers18-4918-49 (000)
11:00pmDragon Ball Super919,0000.44567,000
11:30pmDragon Ball Z Kai822,0000.41521,000
12:00amJojo's Bizarre Adventure (SC)687,0000.35450,000
12:30amTokyo Ghoul637,0000.32414,000
1:00amHunter X Hunter601,0000.29368,000
1:30amLupin The 3rd: Part 4508,0000.24302,000
2:00amNaruto Shippuden483,0000.21304,000
2:30amOutlaw Star456,0000.21275,000
3:00amAttack On Titan447,0000.19248,000

August 26, 2017    
TimeShowsViewers18-4918-49 (000)
11:00pmDragon Ball Super825,0000.39505,000
11:30pmDragon Ball Z Kai779,0000.37472,000
12:00amJojo's Bizarre Adventure (SC)595,0000.28364,000
12:30amTokyo Ghoul548,0000.25326,000
1:00amHunter X Hunter524,0000.24311,000
1:30amLupin The 3rd: Part 4448,0000.21267,000
2:00amNaruto Shippuden510,0000.23297,000
2:30amOutlaw Star463,0000.22283,000
3:00amAttack On Titan451,0000.22282,000


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