Toonami Squad Gaming Zone: ANNOUNCEMENT

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Toonami Squad Gaming Zone is proud to announce a whole month dedicated to retro gaming! It’s a salute to all old school gaming (but mostly SNES and N64) that we are calling Retro Rewind! Join us in a trip back to the past to appreciate classic sprites and polygons as we play titles from gaming’s past from SNES, N64 and many more! Our retro gaming celebration kicks off on March 1st!



Here’s some of our games we have lined up! (Please note that some titles won’t be apart of our regular streaming line up as some titles won’t be revisited for awhile with some exceptions.)



Donkey Kong 64

Diddy Kong Racing

Aladdin (SNES)

Kirby Super Star

Super Mario 64

Star Fox 64

Super Smash Bros. 64

Sonic Adventure

Sonic Generations

Ducktales Remastered



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