Will Simuldubs become mainstay on Toonami?

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

For those unaware Funimation a few years ago started doing broadcast dubs. Those were basically dubs being made while the simulcast were still going on. They’ve been doing this for three years now beginning in 2014 with Space Dandy. Since dubs have been coming out faster what does that mean for the block? Well last year they experimented with another show called Dimension W which was the first simuldub to show up on the block in a while. It personally didn’t have a lasting impact in terms of what it did, but it certainly was a different show pick up compared to just picking up an old dub.

Now with Attack on Titan Season 2 premiering I’m curious to see if Toonami may try their hand at more simuldubs in the future. I need to say not every simuldub needs to air but if they do want more variety they could pick up more in the future. For instance this could open up the door for more interesting show choices that may still fit under the action category but may have a different feel altogether than the typical shows we’ve come to expect on the block.

Of course that may have its setbacks due to them going after big titles or shows they feel are worthwhile and or cheap to get. While getting more simuldubs would be cool the idea would be plagued if the audience wasn’t their for the show. People came for Dimension W probably just for the allure of it being a premiere that is airing alongside the japanese broadcast. With Attack on Titan being the third simuldub on the block it is doing alright so far, but if it was anything but Titan would it have that same appeal?

So that’s why i’m more expecting them to grab more seasons (given if they are made) for already established shows that have aired on the block before. So more Titan in the future if it lives past season 2, Dimension W, and anything else that applies. But hypothetically if there’s an interest in a show that maybe pitched to them or asked by fans Toonami may pursue some new simuldubs that aren’t established Toonami names. Not saying it will come to the block due to limited space and the little notoriety this unheard of series may bring. It’s quite unlikely it will happen, but still never say never. Whatever does happen in the future I’m always open to Toonami experimenting more with simuldubs it could open up the door to new shows to viewers and may become hits.


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