Aniplex of America Announces Several Blu-ray and Theatrical Releases at Aime Expo 2018

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Aniplex of American Announces

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] THE MOVIE I. presage flower

Blu-ray Release



Rejoice, Fate fans! Your wish has come true!

SANTA MONICA, CA (July 5, 2018) – At their industry panel at Anime Expo 2018 in Los Angeles, Aniplex of America announced that box office hit, Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] THE MOVIE I. presage flower will be released on Blu-ray as a limited edition and standard edition this holiday season. Based on the wildly popular Fate franchise by TYPE-MOON which gave anime fansFate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]Fate/Zero, and the hit mobile game Fate/Grand Order, the first film in this film trilogy explodes with epic action and heart-wrenching drama, tied together by original author Kinoko Nasu’s unique storytelling and otherworldly cast of characters. The subtitled version of the film premiered at the historic Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles with special guests film director Tomonori Sudo, Noriko Shitaya, the voice actress of heroine Sakura Matou, and producer Yuma Takahashi in front of a sold out auditorium of 1,600 fans in November 2017. Aniplex of America partnered with Fathom Events for a nationwide theatrical release of the English dub just last month featuring a brand new video of interviews with the English cast. Both Blu-ray releases will include the aforementioned English cast interviews as well as the PV and CM collection. The special Limited Edition release also includes Original Soundtrack I (by Yuki Kajiura), an art book (key visuals, magazine art, and various illustrations), rigid box illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi (TYPE-MOON) and animation material deluxe booklet featuring staff interviews and more! Blu-rays will be on sale November 20th with pre-orders beginning tonight at 8 pm PDT.

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] I. presage flower is the film adaptation of the visual novel game Fate/stay night‘s third and the final route Heaven’s Feel, otherwise known as the Sakura-route. The film unravels the truth behind the Holy Grail War through the protagonist Shirou Emiya’s ever doting friend, Sakura Matou. The film reunites both the original Japanese and English cast of Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] and Fate/Zero, including Noriaki Sugiyama and Bryce Papenbrook as Shirou Emiya, Ayako Kawasumi and Kari Wahlgren as Saber, Kana Ueda and Mela Lee as Rin Tohsaka, and Noriko Shitaya and Cristina Vee as the tragic heroine Sakura Matou. Composer Yuki Kajiura (Puella Magi Madoka MagicaSword Art Online) lends his talents for the soundtrack and Director Tomonori Sudo (the Garden of sinners -recalled out summer-) returns to the Fate series to craft the events of the visual novel into the complete cinematic experience. Celebrated animation studio ufotable (Fate/ZeroKatsugeki TOUKEN RANBU) returns to animate TYPE-MOON’s work, promising all of the dynamic action of the previous installations.

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] THE MOVIE I. presage flower Limited Edition Blu-ray includes:

<Blu-ray Features>

  • Spoken Languages: Japanese & English
  • Subtitles: English & Spanish
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
  • Episodes: Feature Film
  • Number of Disc: 2 (Blu-ray & CD)
  • Total Run Time: approx. 120 min.
  • Rating: 16 UP

<Bonus Contents>

  • PV & CM Collection
  • English Cast Interviews (for Fathom Events)

* Bonus contents subject to change.

* Bonus contents include English subtitles.


<Bonus Materials and Special Packages>

  • Original Soundtrack I (by Yuki Kajiura)
  • Art Book (Key visuals, magazine art and various illustrations)
  • Animation Material (Deluxe booklet featuring staff interviews and more!)
  • Rigid Box Illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi (TYPE-MOON)

* Bonus contents subject to change.

* Bonus contents include English subtitles.

Product number and UPC bar code

Title Street Date SKU # UPC SRP Store price
Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] I. presage flower                                         Limited Edition Blu-ray 11/20/2018 AOA- 11701L 816546021450 $ 79.98 $ 69.98

Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] THE MOVIE I. presage flower Standard Edition Blu-ray includes:

<Blu-ray Features>

  • Spoken Languages: Japanese & English
  • Subtitles: English & Spanish
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
  • Episodes: Feature Film
  • Number of Disc: 1 Blu-ray disc
  • Total Run Time: approx. 120 min.
  • Rating: 16 UP

<Bonus Contents>

  • PV & CM Collection
  • English Cast Interviews (for Fathom Events)

* Bonus contents subject to change.

*Artwork subject to change.

* Bonus contents include English subtitles.


Product number and UPC bar code

Title Street Date SKU # UPC SRP Store price
Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] I. presage flower                                         Standard Edition Blu-ray 11/20/2018 AOA- 11701B 816546021467 $ 49.98 $ 39.98


About Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] THE MOVIE I. presage flower:

Rejoice, Fate fans! Your wish has come true!


Based on the record breaking visual novel “Fate/stay night,” the final route, a.k.a. Sakura Route, has been made into a 3-part theatrical feature, and now the first chapter comes to Blu-ray.

10 years after the Holy Grail War—a battle waged by Masters and Servants over the wish-granting container, the Holy Grail—another war breaks out in Fuyuki City.

Shirou Emiya—the adopted son of Kiritsugu Emiya, a participant of the previous Holy Grail War—is leading a peaceful life with people dear to him.  Especially close to him is his underclassman Sakura Matou, who brings kindness into his otherwise lonely life.

But once the Holy Grail War starts, Shirou’s peaceful life is sundered.

For more information, please visit:



Original Story: Kinoko Nasu/ TYPE-MOON

Original Character Design: Takashi Takeuchi

Director: Tomonori Sudo

Character Design: Tomonori Sudo, Atsushi Ikariya, Hisayuki Tabata

Screenplay: Akira Hiyama (ufotable)

Art Director: Koji Eto

Director of Photography: Yuichi Terao

3D Director: Kazuki Nishiwaki

Color Setting: Mika Matsuoka

Editing: Manabu Kamino

Music: Yuki Kajiura

Animation Producer: Hikaru Kondo

Animation Production: ufotable


Shirou Emiya: Noriaki Sugiyama / Bryce Papenbrook

Sakura Matou: Noriko Shitaya / Cristina Vee

Shinji Matou: Hiroshi Kamiya / Kyle McCarley

Saber: Ayako Kawasumi / Kari Wahlgren

Rin Tohsaka: Kana Ueda / Mela Lee

Taiga Fujimura: Miki Ito / Julie Ann Taylor

Kirei Kotomine: Joji Nakata / Crispin Freeman

Zouken Matou: Masane Tsukayama / Michael Donovan

Kiritsugu Emiya: Rikiya Koyama / Matthew Mercer

Lancer: Nobutoshi Kanna / Tony Oliver

Gilgamesh: Tomokazu Seki / David Earnest

Rider: Yu Asakawa / Melissa Fahn

Archer: Junichi Suwabe / Kaiji Tang

Illyasviel Von Einzbern: Mai Kadowaki / Stephanie Sheh

Caster: Atsuko Tanaka / Megan Hollingshead

Assassin: Shinichiro Miki / Todd Haberkorn

Souichirou Kuzuki: Masaki Terasoma / Lex Lang

Sella: Haruhi Nanao / Rachael Mccabe

Leysritt: Miho Miyagawa / Brianna Knickerbocker

True Assassin: Tetsu Inada / Patrick Seitz

English ADR Director Tony Oliver

Aniplex of America Announces
the Garden of sinners Blu-ray Disc Box

© KINOKO NASU / Kodansha, Aniplex, Notes, ufotable

The seven-film series that changed the history of Japanese animated films to be released on Blu-ray in the U.S.!

LOS ANGELES, CA (July 5, 2018) –Aniplex of America announced at their industry panel at Anime Expo that the cinematic thriller series the Garden of sinnerswill be released as a complete Blu-ray box set. Based on the immensely popular novels from TYPE-MOON (the Fate series), the Garden of sinners made its mark on the world of anime with its deep themes, layered metaphors, and beautifully stylized animation by studio ufotable. The iconic film series will be receiving a brand new Blu-ray release that will contain all seven movies and the bonus “The Final Chapter: the Garden of sinners“.

the Garden of sinners captured anime and suspense fans worldwide with the story of Shiki Ryougi, a teenage girl with the “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” that awakened after a deadly traffic accident. This power grants her the ability to see the inherent mortality of any object or living being. Shiki takes on her duty as an agent for a covert organization, where she encounters a series of dark mysteries to unravel set against the backdrop of 1990’s Japan. As one of TYPE-MOON’s earliest works, this film series begins to touch on the world that Kinoko Nasu has built.

A testament of ambition in the anime industry, the Garden of sinners films were directed by a series of directors all lending their talents and their unique touch on their respective films. Directors Ei Aoki (Fate/Zero, Re;creators), Takuya Nonaka, Mitsuru Obunai, Teiichi Takiguchi, Takayuki Hirao (GOD EATER, Attack on Titan), Takahiro Miura (Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]), Shinsuke Takizawa, and Hikaru Kondo all worked with to bring the suspenseful events of the novels to life. Each film is beautifully animated by studio ufotable, who has animated multiple installments of TYPE-MOON’s wildly popular works, such asFate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]] and the new movie trilogy, Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]. The music for the films was composed by none other than the anime soundtrack legend, Yuki Kajiura (Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and performed by vocal trio Kalafina.

Included in this Blu-ray Disc Box release of the Garden of sinners will be the pre-movie shorts by ufotable, a deluxe 32-page booklet, the Final Chapter: the Garden of sinners on Disc 8, and a rigid box designed by TYPE-MOON’s Takashi Takeuchi. Pre-orders begin today, and the release date is September 11, 2018.


the Garden of sinners Blu-ray Disc Box includes:

<Blu-ray Features>

  • Spoken Languages: Japanese (Linear PCM 5.1 surround  & Linear PCM Stereo)
  • Subtitles: Japanese & English
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
  • Episodes: 13
  • Number of Disc: 7 movies & Bonus “Final Chapter: the Garden of sinners”
  • Total Run Time: Approx. 530 Minutes
  • Rating: 16 UP

<Bonus Contents>

  • Final Chapter: the Garden of sinners on Disc 8
  • “Pre-show Reminder” short video per a movie

* Bonus contents subject to change
* Bonus contents include subtitles.


<Bonus Materials and Special Packages>

  • Deluxe 32-page Booklet
  • Rigid Box Illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi (Original Character Design)

* Bonus contents subject to change.

Product number and UPC bar code

Title Street Date SKU # UPC SRP Store price
the Garden of sinners Blu-ray Disc Box 9/11/2018 AOA-0211 816546021474 $319.98 $249.98


About the Garden of sinners:

the Garden of sinners” is a series of hit cult novels written by Kinoko Nasu of TYPE-MOON (“Tsukihime -Lunar Legend-,” “Fate/stay night”) and published in the KODANSHA BOX series. The best-selling novel series has since been adapted into seven fully-animated theatrical films by one of the most renowned anime studios, ufotable (“Fate/Zero,” “Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]“). Each corresponding movie directly covers each of the original seven chapters. In Japan, the series of movies were released in theaters, beginning December 2007. Each successive release became a box office smash with record high attendance.

After lying in a coma for two years caused by a traffic accident, Shiki Ryougi awakens with amnesia. Inexplicably, she finds, in turn, that she has also obtained the “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception” in which she can see the invisible lines of mortality that hold every living and non-living thing together. Working for a small independent agency, Shiki attempts to unravel the baffling mystery behind a series of abnormal, horrifying incidents. Are they a foreshadowing that leads to something even more tragic and ominous? Things are not what they appear to be on the surface, but what dark revelations lie underneath? In this modern occult-action thriller, Shiki must tackle supernatural incidents with her special abilities while searching for her purpose for living.

For more details, please visit the official U.S. website at:


Original Story: Kinoko Nasu (Published in Kodansha Novels)

Directors: Ei Aoki (Chapter 1) / Takuya Nonaka (Chapter 2) / Mitsuru Obunai (Chapter 3) / Teiichi Takiguchi (Chapter 4) / Takayuki Hirao (Chapter 5) / Takahiro Miura (Chapter 6) / Shinsuke Takizawa (Chapter 7) / Hikaru Kondo (Final Chapter)

Character Concept: Takashi Takeuchi

Character Designer & Animation Director: Tomonori Sudo/Takuro Takahashi/Mitsuru Obunai

Screenplay: Masaki Hiramatsu (ufotable)

Music: Yuki Kajiura

Art Directors: Nobutaka Ike / Kazuo Ogura

Shooting Directors: Yuichi Terao / Shigeji Matsuda

3D Director: Shintaro Nakamura

Color Setting: Emi Chiba

Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami

Production Manager: Noboru Suzuki

Producer: Hikaru Kondo

Animation Production by: ufotable

Shiki Ryougi: Maaya Sakamoto

Mikiya Kokutou: Kenichi Suzumura

Touko Aozaki: Takako Honda

Azaka Kokutou: Ayumi Fujimura

Kirie Fujou: Rie Tanaka

Souren Araya: Jouji Nakata

Fujino Asagami: Mamiko Noto

Daisuke Akimi: Hiroki Touchi

Misaya Ouji: Nana Mizuki

Satsuki Kurogiri: Ryotaro Okiayu

Rio Shirazumi: Soichiro Hoshi

Aniplex of America Announces Anime Film

I want to eat your pancreas

Coming to Theaters

©Yoru Sumino/Futabasha Publishers Ltd 2015 ©Your Pancreas Anime Film Partners

Their relationship doesn’t have a name yet.

SANTA MONICA, CA (July 5, 2018) – Aniplex of America revealed at their industry panel at Anime Expo 2018 (Los Angeles, CA) that they will be bringing anime film, I want to eat your pancreas to theaters in the near future. Based on Yoru Sumino’s award winning novel by the same name, I want to eat your pancreas will be produced by Studio VOLN (Idol Incidents, Ushio & Tora) and directed by Shinichiro Ushijima (Hunter x HunterOne Punch Man) with Yuichi Oka (Eromanga Sensei, To-Love Ru) serving as both character designer and chief animation director. The two title characters will be voiced by popular actor and 72nd Mainichi Film Awards Best New Actor winner, Mahiro Takasugi, who will voice the unnamed protagonist, “me,” while veteran voice actress, Lynn (High School Fleet, A Place Further Than the Universe), will lend her talents as the female lead, Sakura Yamauchi. The anime adaption features an impressive voice cast including super star veterans Atsuko Tanaka (Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]Ghost in the Shell) and Shin-ichiro Miki (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Initial D), who play the parents of the male protagonist. Theme song “Fanfare” is by popular rock band, sumika (Love is Hard for an Otaku), who will also handle the film’s opening song and insert song. Aniplex of America promised more details to follow soon on the official English website,

Yoru Sumino’s debut novel, I want to eat your pancreas, generated massive popularity after being published by Futabasha Publishers Ltd. The story follows the relationship of two high schoolers, an apathetic and reserved unnamed protagonist and the popular girl in class, Sakura, who suffers from a terminal illness. The novel was later adapted into a live action film by the same name in 2017 starring Takumi Kitamura and Minami Hamabe. In addition to becoming a box office hit, the live action film garnered many Japan Academy Award nominations including Picture of the Year, Best Screenplay, Popularity Award, and Newcomer of the Year award for both lead actors.

About I want to eat your pancreas:

With no interest in others, a high schooler spends all of his time reading books – this is “me.”
One day, I comes across a book, titled “Living With Dying.”

It turns out to be a secret journal kept by Sakura Yamauchi, who is a popular girl in class with a genuine personality. Diagnosed with a pancreatic illness, the diary notes about her limited time left.

Sakura, who lives with a secret illness, and “me,” who keeps her secret.

— Their relationship doesn’t have a name yet.


Original Story: Yoru Sumino “I want to eat your pancreas” (Futabasha)

Original Illustration: loundraw

Director / Screenplay: Shinichiro Ushijima

Character Design / Chief Animation Director: Yuichi Oka

Art Director: Yukako Ogawa

Sub Art Director: Yoshito Watanabe

Color Setting: Yoshinori Horikawa

Photography Supervisor: Hiroshi Saito

Director of Photography: Mayuko Koike

3D CG Director: Koremi Kishi

Editor: Yumi Jinguji

Sound Director: Shoji Hata

Sound Effects: Noriko Izumo

Music: Hiroko Sebu

Animation Producer: Keiji Mita

Animation Production: Studio VOLN

Produced by: Your Pancreas Anime Film Partners


Me: Mahiro Takasugi

Sakura Yamauchi: Lynn

Kyoko: Yukiyo Fujii

Takahiro: Yuma Uchida

Gum Boy: Jun Fukushima

My Mother: Atsuko Tanaka

My Father: Shin-ichiro Miki

For more information, please visit:

About Aniplex of America Inc.

Aniplex of America Inc. (Santa Monica, California) is a subsidiary of Aniplex Inc. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan), a group of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and a leading provider of anime content and music production and distribution in Japan. Aniplex of America has launched fan-favorite Blu-ray and DVD releases including Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works], Fate/Zero, theSword Art Online series, Your lie in April, KILL la KILL, Bakemonogatari, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Blue Exorcist, anohana -The Flower We Saw That Day-, NISEKOI, the OREIMO series, DURARARA!!×2, Magi series, Expelled From Paradise, The irregular at magic high school, and ALDNOAH.ZERO. The company’s ever-growing line-up of shows include: March comes in like a lion, Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, ERASED, The Asterisk War, OWARIMONOGATARI, KIZUMONOGATARI, Charlotte, Occultic;Nine, WWW.WAGNARIA!!, GRANBLUE FANTASY, Eromanga Sensei, Katsugeki TOUKEN RANBU, BLEND-S, Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] I. presage flower, Slow Start, Record of Grancrest War, Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family, PERSONA5 the Animation, andSword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. In June 2017, the company launched the English version of the popular mobile game, Fate/Grand Order, which has exceeded three million downloads.