FLCL Progressive to Encore After Season Finale Followed by Premiere of FLCL Alternative in September

Last Updated on by Joshua Mathieu (Jmb a.k.a. The Boss)

While not coming as a surprise Jason DeMarco has confirmed on his Ask.FM that FLCL Progressive will encore on July 14 after it’s finale on July 7th.

Now while we already knew when the announcement was made back in March that Toonami was going to premiere FLCL Progressive on June 2nd, then break, then premiere FLCL Alternative in September it was never officially stated the Progressive would get an encore until now, but it seemed pretty obvious that was the route Toonami / Adult Swim was going.

Now this is just speculation on my part but based on my calculations here are how things are going to play out with the schedule, FLCL Progressive airs its finale on July 7th and then start it’s encore run July 14th it’s encore run will end on August 18th, with September 1st being Labor day weekend Toonami will most likely double up something on August 25th and and air a marathon on September 1st “possibly” a FLCL Progressive marathon just like they did with the Season 1 FLCL Marathon on memorial day weekend May 26th and FLCL Alternative is going to premiere on September 8th.

(I would also like to note that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders airs it last episode on August 11th which means they will also most likely double up on something on August 18th as well.)

(Also Space Dandy is airing it’s last episode on August 4th ao it’s possible AOT S3 will premiere on August 11th.)

Now in my opinion, I don’t agree with rerunning FLCL Progressive in the same spot as it aired originally. It hasn’t bode well in the past considering when they did the same thing with Samurai Jack Season 5 and Attack on Titan Season 1. If they rerun a premiere it should at least be much later in the block and if they are marathoning FLCL Progressive on September 1st, then I don’t agree with running a marathon right after airing an encore of a premiere as that is overkill and it will burn some fans out when FLCL Alternative finally premieres.

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