Final Space Season 3 Episode 6 Review

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[Major Spoilers Ahead]

On the previous episode of Final Space, the Team Squad was able to successfully escape the clutches of Invictus and prevent their ship from being sucked into the black hole. Character wise, Quinn was the focus of this episode, as she was forced to relive the dark moments of her childhood until she nearly killed herself in the process. Luckily, Ash and Gary were able to save her, yet Ash then made the decision to go after Invictus herself by jumping into the black hole at the end of the episode. “Change Is Gonna Come” picked up right where the last episode left off, with the Team Squad confronting both Quinn’s diminishing health and their own futures. Nonetheless, the main plotline of this episode revolved around finding a way to cure Quinn of Final Space poisoning. After speaking with Kevin Van Newton, the Team Squad figured out that in order to save her, they needed to collect Celenium, a rare element only found on a comet. The most interesting revelation to come from this is that the Celenium had to be administered through a chip attached to the anterior cerebral arteries—which greatly resembles the one worn by Nightfall. It’s fascinating to see this connection to the second season, as well as what will likely be the start of Quinn’s transformation into Nightfall. It’s callbacks and lore such as this that can ultimately set the Final Space series apart from other shows.

In relation to this concept, after the premiere of “All the Moments Lost,” show creator Olan Rogers stated that this would be “one of the last tame episodes before all hell breaks loose.” Ultimately, “Change Is Gonna Come” is somewhat restrained, with very little from this episode standing out as legitimately notable, yet what it does accomplish is to lay out a lot of questions and potential future plot points. The best example of the latter relates to the conversation between Invictus and Ash, as well as her transformation at the end. First, it’s fascinating to hear Invictus speak of the future in his prophetic tone, including the idea of Gary killing Fox. It successfully manages to leave the viewer wondering what’s true and what might he be lying about. Second, other than Ash’s new mature look being quite stunning, it’s even more interesting to consider how this will impact the Team Squad going forward. This physical change, and potentially new perspective, for Ash could really go in any direction and it can get people excited for what’s to come. Similarly, during this episode H.U.E. showed genuine signs of character development through a real aspiration at being more human despite returning to the ship. It left me wondering where that’s going and how much of an impact he’ll have coming up.

Even the Tribore B-plotline seemed as if it will have an impact on the future. It’s very likely that his connections fighting revolutions is ultimately what helps them get out of Final Space. At the very least, his efforts may help a lot of other people get out with the Team Squad. Having said that, this was another Tribore story that didn’t really click for me. There was some solid action and fantastic backgrounds, but otherwise it didn’t resonate with me in terms of comedy or plot. On the other hand, one of my favorite scenes in “Change Is Gonna Come” may have been Gary taking on Quinn’s pain. It spoke a lot to the future of their relationship and how much he cares for her. Speaking of Gary, another wonderful scene that some may have overlooked was when Sheryl spoke about the need to ask for help and her journey towards that. Not only was that a lovely, heartwarming scene, but it left me thinking if the writers may be building her up for something big.

Altogether, especially coming off from the last episode, “Change Is Gonna Come” was more of a subtle entry to the series, leaving a lot to think about with regard to foreshadowing, yet not providing much on the surface. The core plot, revolving around Quinn was interesting to watch because of its connection to Nightfall, but it was overall relatively simplistic. Additionally, there were a lot well-done small moments ranging from the conversation with Invictus to Sheryl’s commentary on asking for help, but none stand out beyond the episode itself. Lastly, Tribore can be a fun character, but I don’t necessarily have much to say about his plotline. That being said, if you’re looking for an episode to spark fan theories and leave you wondering, it’s this one. But what was your favorite part of this episode? Did it manage to get you theorizing?

Season 3 Episode 6: “Change Is Gonna Come” (7/10)


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