Killing Bites Episode 2 Review

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After the events of the last episode this porcupine lady tries killing bland main character while honey badger comes and gives no shits. After winning the fight and not slaying her thanks to the boring guy stopping her. After which this bull guy came in and stopped the fight from getting out of hand. After which he then asks if honey badger would join his crew to which she was all like no. However, a text from the guy she has the hots for says yeah join and thus she makes a compromise to fight in their team during the killing bites. Something something panties getting stolen, something something about new guys coming in and say I have no clue what about. Sorry if it seems like I’m skimming over a lot but to be honest I didn’t care. I stopped paying attention by the halfway point. So instead I’m going to review the Rumchata I drank along side of this episode.


The elegant taste of the alcoholic beverage hit my tongue with such boldness, it was not only refreshing but also a hard hit striking immediately after the smooth flavor caressed down the inside of my mouth. The overall contents of it were satisfying if a tad bit much. Yet, despite all that it’s taste was remarkably good. The overall look of the Rumchata was creamy yet not overly bubbly or chunky. It was a…


*whispers* huh? *whispers* you serious?! *whispers* ugh *whispers* UGH Fine!


Okay I was told I need to finish this review. I dunno look all I can say was that it’s not much of an improvement from episode one it just lost me and wasn’t interesting to sit through. Once again Killing Bites missed it’s marks and just is another edgy fanservice show.


Final Verdict: 2/10

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