After The Rain Episode 2

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When the show last left off we knew that our main character Akira Tachibana is in love with the manager of the cafe she works at Mr.Kondo. In this episode he hires a student who goes to the same school with her and thinks the two are dating. After seeing them share a brief conversation outside of the cafe in the rain. During the day Mr.Kondo hires the extra help a customer leaves their phone behind and Akira runs after them to give it back. However, during the process her broken leg ends up getting injured and she has to take some time off to recover. One day when she was trying to go to the convenience store she bumps into Mr.Kondo where he takes her to a restaurant. To which Akira confesses her feelings to Mr.Kondo.


This episode of After The Rain was very sweet and my overall initial thoughts have waned away. I can buy this girls interest in this person because the show portrays her feelings earnestly. I really liked how Akira laughed at the end of the episode when the manager didn’t know what a pedicure was. It showed that she can be open and easy going given if she’s comfortable around that person. Mr. Kondo is still good as well the first episode portrayed him as a laid back goof and they still portray him as such. He does act concerned when the time calls for it but he’s a very nice guy if clueless about Akira’s feelings.


Their isn’t much left to say about this episode other than it was good. If you haven’t given After The Rain a shot or were weirded out by the first episode I’d say watch it. It’s a good show, with good animation, and a good cast of characters.


Final Verdict: 7/10

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