Toonami Announces 30 Minute Cut And Later Start to The Block Due to Delays and Disruptions Related to COVID-19 Pandemic; Says Not to Panic

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As we have previously reported Toonami would be experiencing multiple changes with the lineup for the unforeseeable future, Toonami has announced today (April 7, 2020) starting April 18, 2020 that Toonami will now run midnight – 3:00am meaning that for the time being nothing will be replacing Sword Art Online – Alicization: Underworld. This move was made because of delays due to the COVID-19 Pandemic which is causing disruptions to Toonami’s schedule, however Toonami says not to panic because they also have some fun stuff to announce.

Here’s the statement Toonami released:

“We’re moving to a midnight start, because the schedule is going to have some disruptions with everything going on, and this helps us keep that to a minimum. We aren’t going anywhere. Don’t panic. We also have some fun things in store to announce but we can’t tell you what QUITE yet. Keep watching and keep washing! ”

This will be the schedule starting April 18, 2020:

12:00am: My Hero Academia
12:30am: Demon Slayer
1:00am: Food Wars
1:30am: Black Clover
2:00am: JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
2:30am: Naruto: Shippuden

This isn’t the first shakeup the block has experienced, as we have previously reported this Saturday, April 11, 2020, Toonami is airing the first several episodes of the Cell Saga to make up for the delays.

Jason DeMarco quoted our tweet and stated not to panic about the delays and teased some announcements however, here is what he had to say:

“We have some fun stuff coming soon, promise! But this is what we gotta do for now. Stay tuned though, I think you’ll be happy with our next pickup! NO HINTS THO ”

It’s possible that some of these announcements were originally going be made at this year’s Toonami Panel at MomoCon 2020 which has since been canceled.

This past Saturday TOM 6.0 and SARA had a message to Toonami Fans about stopping the spread of COVID-19 you can watch it below:

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