Toonami Squad Gaming Zone System Update 10/18

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Welcome back to yet another Toonami Squad Gaming Zone System Update for the week of October 18th, 2021!


Nintendo dropped news regarding Animal Crossing New Horizons and the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack this week. Animal Crossing New Horizons will receive its last free update and there’s a lot in it. The Roost makes a return with an Amiibo phone to welcome other Animal Crossing characters using Amiibo cards and Kapp’n returns with his sea shanties to take you on different islands with different time zones and seasons. For more details, check out the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct video. The free update will release on November 5th.




The other half of the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct news included pricing on the Nintendo Switch Online service + Expansion Pack, which was revealed to have moved up from 19.99 for the year to 49.99 for a single membership, while the family pack, good for up to 8 users, goes up from 34.99 to 79.99. As a reminder, you are free to switch to this new membership or keep your current membership, and if you’ve pre-paid, you will receive a prorated adjustment when upgrading. At the same time, the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis wireless controllers went on sale and sold out fast! Thankfully, I snagged an N64 controller and can’t wait to relive my childhood playing Nintendo 64 games on a proper N64 controller. Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack will go live on October 25th. Controllers are expected to begin shipping shortly and the first restocks are expected to be available at the end of October.




Lastly, as of this post, we are just one day away from Super Smash Bros Ultimate Update 13.0 which will see Sora join Smash! Like usual, be sure to save your replays before updating your game.


(Do note that days and the time for our streams are subjected to change sometimes whether we like it or not.)


Here’s this weeks streaming lineup:




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