Toonami Squad Gaming Zone System Update 11/1

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Welcome back to yet another Toonami Squad Gaming Zone System Update for the week of November 1st, 2021!


There are a lot of rumors that Warner Brothers is developing a Smash Bros-like fighting game which will include characters from Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry, Lord of the Rings, Rick and Morty, DC Comics, Scooby Doo, and and Looney Tunes. Not much is known beyond a rumored leak of the initial character roster and that Netherrealm Studios is involved but we will keep you posted on this as more concrete information is possibly revealed.


Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack also launched this past week with a lot of issues. Besides pricing being a issue, it seems there is some glitching involved when playing online and some graphical problems with the N64 emulation. On the topic on NSO, dataminers have found some interesting information as it appears that we are getting at least 38 additional Nintendo 64 games and 52 additional Sega Genesis games in the future. We do know games from the N64 lineup like Banjo and Kazooie and The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask are coming later, but beyond what was announced during the NSO Expansion reveal, we don’t know what other titles will be officially coming to the service. It also appears that we might be getting another console joining the collection in the future, with the most likely addition being Game Boy games.


(Do note that days and the time for our streams are subject to change sometimes whether we like it or not.)


Here’s this week’s streaming lineup:




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