Toonami Squad Gaming Zone System Update 6/6

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Welcome back to yet another Toonami Squad Gaming Zone System Update for the week of June 6th, 2022!

The Pokémon Company released a new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, revealing new Pokémon, two new Professors, and two legendary Pokémon!

PlayStation had their latest State of Play stream, and here are some of the highlights:


– Resident Evil 4 is being remade and reimagined for the PS5, releasing on March 24th, 2023! Capcom later announced that the game will also release on Series S|X and PC. Notably, the title will be skipping PS4 and Xbox One.


– Stray will be released on July 19th! It’ll also be made available on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium.


– Street Fighter 6 will be released for PS4|PS5 in 2023! Like Resident Evil 4 Remake, it will also come to Series S|X and PC. Unlike the PS4 version, Capcom has not indicated if it will be made available on Xbox One.


(Do note that days and the time for our streams are subject to change sometimes whether we like it or not.)


Here’s this week’s streaming lineup:


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