Final Space Season 3 Episode 3 Review

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On the previous episode of Final Space, Gary, Quinn, H.U.E. and KVN were able to retrieve a new ship, the Galaxy Two, from Earth, in order rescue everyone. Meanwhile, Mooncake was off fighting with Bolo, and the rest of the crew was being interrogated by the Lord Commander. Additionally, we were introduced to Biskit and Kevin Van Newton, as Bolo crafted his sword at the end to use against the other Titans. Ultimately, a lot happened, and you could even argue that more occurred in “The Ventrexian.” Yet, first and foremost, the most significant highlight from this third episode was the visuals, which were above and beyond the rest of the season thus far. Even amongst more casual fans of the series, the artwork has always been a major draw to the show, and here it was a treat from beginning to end. During this episode, everything from the space and ship backgrounds to the Titan fighting and flashbacks were meticulously crafted. For example, the introduction to the episode depicts the Lord Commander in Final Space for the first time meeting Invictus and the colors essentially shine.

Next, ahead of this week’s premiere, creator Olan Rogers clarified that this episode would feature three plotlines and emphasize the relationship between Avocato and Little Cato. The primary, and definitely most engaging, of the three stories involved the Lord Commander forcing Avocato to relive his violent past in front of everyone. His hope was to use such information to divide the group and have them reveal Mooncake’s location. This allowed for incredibly impactful war scenes that culminated in the reveal that Avocato is not Little Cato’s biological father. The past two episodes formed the emotional tone of the season and set the stage for what’s to come, yet it was this episode that managed to produce real emotion. There’s genuine sadness in seeing everything Avocato’s been through, while also watching Little Cato defend his dad so vehemently without knowing the full extent of the truth. With that being said, there’s room to argue that juggling three plotlines lessened the impact of this one. It will certainly leave its mark on myself, the community, and the show overall, but there may have been greater potential if it were presented more cohesively.

The secondary most eventful plotline involved Bolo and Mooncake combining their strength to defeat the titan Oreskis. Compared to the more serious and emotional elements in the main plotline, this was more so highly entertaining and action packed. Paired together, they work extremely well to provide a story that will impact the future of the series, while also preventing the show from getting too serious with some fun. With that mind, it’s then the third plotline that at times makes the episode feel somewhat bloated. The second episode actually served as a memorable means of better understanding the relationship between Gary and Quinn, while this episode tried that to a lesser degree. If anything, it’s the adorableness of Biskit, with his humorous meta-commentary and honesty that makes this portion worth it. Without him, it might have felt more like this piece was taking away from the rest, and sometimes it did, in a way stretching out concerns that were already covered or could have been briefly mentioned.

However, despite any concerns of doing too much in one episode with a potentially weaker third plotline, this is still the best episode of the season yet. Olan Rogers clearly knows how to bring fans content with action and emotion that provides the viewer with a lot to think about and remember going forward. The visuals alone make the episode worth it, and then Bolo in action, Avocato’s difficult past, and Biskit’s lovable characteristics sell this episode more than I ever could. At this rate, it only seems up from here, and I’m curious to know what other fans are thinking and feeling about the episode. What resonated with you from the three plotlines? Would you change anything? What are you looking forward to on the next episode of Final Space?

Season 3 Episode 3: “The Ventrexian” (8/10)


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