Final Space Season 3 Finale Review

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On the previous episode of Final Space, the Team Squad managed to locate the original hyper-transdimensional bridge, prompting them to band together to get it operational again. Sadly, in large part due to Mooncake overloading the bridge when attempting to recharge the system, it failed. Not only did this cast a shadow on the morale of the group, but it also ultimately laid the groundwork for a rift in the Team Squad. More specifically, earlier on in the episode, Little Cato was prompted to ask Avocato more about his mother, which he lied about. With the stress of the bridge on top of his anger at himself for further deceiving Little Cato, Avocato confessed what he had done to Gary, which Ash overheard. She had already been on edge after Quinn failed to live up to her expectations of Nightfall, but hearing this was the final straw. After attacking Gary, Avocato, Sheryl, and Quinn, she revealed to Little Cato that his parents had been murdered by Avocato before kidnapping him on her way to Invictus. “The Devil’s Den” picked up right where the last episode left off, bringing the third season of Final Space to its climactic conclusion. Coming into this episode, it was difficult to imagine where the series would leave off, yet it was probably darker than most imagined. On the lighter side, Quinn, Sheryl, Biskit, KVN, and Mooncake were tasked with figuring out some way to fix the bridge and get it working. Admittedly, the key to accomplishing this task was a little too convenient, as a crystal they needed was revealed from out of nowhere to be in Nightfall’s helmet. That being said, the writers did anticipate fans questioning this moment, as KVN actually made a great joke about the timing of this event.

Additionally, KVN also managed to save the day when the group repaired the bridge and needed Mooncake to power it up again, as he prevented the system from overloading by taking on some of the energy himself. Overall, such actions probably made this my favorite episode for KVN as he was both useful and comedic. That being said, I did not feel the same way about Tribore, who this time, in place of Clarence, connected the bridge outside of Final Space to the now operational bridge on this end. In the end, this felt to be more of a forced way to have Tribore featured in the season finale. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to see the Team Squad finally have a win, particularly as Gary, Avocato, and H.U.E. set off on the difficult mission to rescue Little Cato from Invictus. However, this actually proved to be the best part of the episode in comparison, everything from the visuals of Invictus’ lair and the return of the Lord Commander to Little Cato’s fear and Ash’s anger worked to create a powerful scene. Definitively, Little Cato was at the center of this story, with Gary and Avocato trying to convince him to escape with him, while Ash and Invictus attempted to reinforce the anger he was feeling towards Avocato murdering his parents. Thankfully, Little Cato did eventually leave with them, although we are not given closure for how he was feeling about the death of his parents.

Now, it is crucial to address Ash’s actions during “The Devil’s Den,” especially at the end of the episode, when as the Team Squad was leaving Final Space, she attacked Mooncake, giving Invictus the key to escape his imprisonment. Overall, it’s clear that her dramatic shift towards helping Invictus has left the community divided. Yet, to me, it seems conclusive that to some extent she has become possessed by Invictus. Throughout the season he managed to not only develop her anger and hate, but then also used that as a way to enter her mind. In other words, despite all the wrong Ash has done, one must remember that she was never fully in control the more upset she became. This could be compared to possession in a horror movie about exorcism—you would not blame the victim being controlled by a demon for their actions, so why would you fully blame Ash? That said, this does not take away from the horror one may feel about her actions, it simply means that she is a complex character that is just as much a victim of Invictus as any other. I’m certain that if a fourth season happens, she would be redeemed and the Team Squad would recognize that what occurred was simply not her.

Nonetheless, Olan Rogers and the rest of the creative team managed to craft a satisfying ending that will leave many Fantrexians wanting more. Overall, this has been the best, but also darkest, season for the series thus far. The Team Squad has been shrouded in death and losses, creating a heartbreaking atmosphere, but in the end they persisted. Of course it was difficult to watch Gary lose Mooncake, but many of them made it out alive even if Invictus is right behind them. No matter your opinions on Ash, it was a visually stunning ending to the season that managed to set up Invictus as not only a danger to them in Final Space, but not the universe at large. I will admit, I preferred the ending to “Until the Sky Falls,” which featured the rise of the Lord Commander’s titan form, but this ending still packed a punch. With a season filled with loss and emotional pain, it made sense to lose another character, and witness the greatest defeat of all—Invictus is coming for everyone.

Altogether, “The Devil’s Den” was a strong ending to the season, seeing the activation of the hyper-transdimensional bridge, the rescue of Little Cato, the capturing of Mooncake, the imprisonment of the Lord Commander, and of course the freeing of Invictus. If the series manages to return, it will be fascinating to see where the story goes, as in many ways now everyone is doomed. Ash may be their only hope, who I’m certain will be redeemed and ultimately be the hero of the series. I do hope that the series addresses my biggest issue throughout: the comedy, as if anything, it has worked best when its working in tandem with the plot, not against it. I still think of “All the Moments Lost” was not the best plot-based episode, but the model for thrilling action, comedy, and story working together. But, what did you think of the finale? What was your favorite episode of Season 3?

Season 3 Episode 13: “The Devil’s Den” (7.5/10)


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